Cool Forests

A forest is a thickly wooded area. Forests have a wide variety of plants and animals living among the trees. Cool forests are found near to the equator at high altitudes, as well as in colder regions. Forests that like cooler climates are found largely in the northern hemisphere, far north of the equator. Forest... Continue Reading →

Around Antarctica

Antarctica is the Earth's coldest and driest continent. There is little plant life, so nearly all the animals depend on the sea for food. Antarctica's ice flows very slowly from the center outwards. It takes about 50,000 years for a snowflake at the South pole to reach the ocean. Penguin paradise- Only adelie, gentoo, chinstrap,... Continue Reading →

Life in the freezer

Polar regions are often dark, blasted by freezing winds, and they receive little rain. Only the toughest can survive. Penguins huddle together to stay warm. The adults and chicks on the outside of the huddle aren't so well protected from the cold, so they take turns standing in the middle. Polar giants- Large animals lose... Continue Reading →

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