Mountains and Caves

Mountains and caves are rocky habitats. The first offers exposure to all sorts of weather, the second offers shelter – but no sunlight.

Earth has some impressive mountain ranges. The map shows the location of some of the best-known of these.

Mountains support all sorts of animals. Many, like the mountain lion, have adapted to life on a mountain but are just as much at home in other, lower habitats.

Mountain weather- From rain to snow, when it comes to weather, a mountain is a place of extremes.

Temperature: For every 100 m (330 ft) you climb, it gets 1 degree Celsius (2 degree Fahrenheit) cooler.

Wind: The strongest wind was 372 kph (231 mph) on Mt Washington, USA.

Rain: Cherrapunji, N.E. India, receives about 12 m (40 ft) of rain a year.

Snow: Mt Rainier, USA, gets 18 m (58 ft) of snow a year.

Avalanche: Snow collects on upper slopes, until the weight sends it tumbling.

Sun: Often, one side of a mountain will be sunny while the other is rainy.

Caves form in areas with soft, limestone rock. Over thousands of years, rainwater seeps through the soft rock, dissolving it. Gradually, small cracks become caverns.

Q. By what other names is the mountain lion known?

A. Panther, cougar, and puma.

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