The burrowers

Many mammals are diggers, building their homes beneath the ground. Some only use their burrows to sleep in, others live underground. Most rabbits dig burrows, called warrens, underground to protect themselves from enemies, to shelter from cold, and to provide a safe place for their babies. European rabbits live in large groups. Rabbit warrens are... Continue Reading →

Mammals: Small and Cunning

There are many small, meat-eating mammals that hunt or scavenge for their food. Many are known for their clever hunting methods. Stoats and minks are small animals related to weasels. In summer stoats are brown with a white tummy and in the winter they turn white so that they are camouflaged in the snow. All... Continue Reading →

The Cat Family: Part 2: Big Cats

The largest, most ferocious meat eaters of the cat family are known as the "big cats". They are the lion, tiger, jaguar, leopard, and snow leopard. Lions, found on the grassy plains of Africa, are the only cats that live in groups, or prides. Cats are officially the sleepiest animals in the world: they spend... Continue Reading →

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