Two biggest mistakes I had ever made

We all are humans and I can say making mistakes is like a mark of being a human. We all make mistakes but mistakes don’t make us wrong or bad, it is up to us how we solve them or how we say sorry for that. So today I’m sharing two biggest mistakes I had ever made, but please don’t expect too much okay, I’m only 14 and I hadn’t committed any crime. But these two really taught me many things…

You should never lie-

This happened 4 years ago, when I was at 6th standard. Our school’s Headmaster Sir has transferred and then a new Headmaster Sir came. All the students were very scared of him. He was a very good teacher but also very strict. My home is on the right side of the school and my family and our previous headmaster were very close friends, so there was a small gate on the back side of the school, so whenever I was getting late for school, I used to go through that gate. But we were really scared of our new Sir, so everyone were acting like robots, who never do anything wrong. So one day I was getting late for school, it was morning and me, my elder brother and sister were in courtyard. They told me to go through the back gate. Our new Headmaster Sir had never denied us to coming from the back gate but I don’t know why we were so frightened of him. So slowly slowly I was going to the back gate, my brother and sister were watching me. When I reached the gate I saw our Headmaster Sir was wandering there. Suddenly I got so scared that I can’t gather courage to take a step forward. I came back home and then I made that mistake; I lied them that Headmaster Sir has scolded me badly and told me to come from the front gate. I had never told a lie before that incident but I was really stupid. I was in hurry so my brother told me go to the front gate but at the evening when we all (me, brother, sister, Mom and also Dad) were sitting in together my brother told them everything and my Mom and Dad really got angry. And the danger isn’t stop here, our Principal Sir was coming to our home for dinner. My father told me to not worry, he said that he would talk to the Principal about that. It was more scaring compared to our new Headmaster. I was sitting like a stone and a little bit trembling also. I was going to complain against our Sir, who hasn’t done anything. Then finally I did something right, before Principal Sir came I told them anything. They all were shocked, didn’t said anything and suddenly our Principal Sir came and everyone were like nothing happened, they were behaving normally. I was not understanding anything at that time but after he went my Mom and Dad came to me, I was crying badly, but they they didn’t scolded me. They told me about what I did and what happened. They taught me the lesson that I should never lie for small things. That day I learned the biggest lesson of my life.

Ya, I had made really a stupid mistake but the thing I did right is I said and also felt sorry for that and swear to never do that thing again.

Do things carefully-

I don’t want to make this a very long read so let me tell you in short. I made the both mistakes in the same year, when I was in class 6. I live in India and we worship to God everyday, it is a part of our life. So that day I worshiped normally and burned the clay lamps, everything was normal. But half an hour later my mother screamed, I followed the sound and saw my mother sitting on floor of the worship room and crying. When I came nearer I saw the picture and frame of Goddess Lakshmi was burned. I also sat down on my knees and me and my mother both were crying and saying sorry. That was really bad, burning picture of God is not a good thing. I felt extremely guilty and sorry at that time. I don’t know what happened exactly but I think I put too much oil on the clay lamp and that incident happened because of me.

So these two are the biggest mistakes I had ever made. And I am very sorry for that things today also. So friends I think you should never do the things I did and if you are in the same situation, just say and feel sorry for that. We all make mistakes but it’s our responsibility to solve them, say sorry for them and try to do better and not to repeat the same mistakes again.

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