Happy Birthday Di

Today is 25th of August, a very special day for me & my family. What is it? Today is my elder sister’s birthday. I want to clear one thing in this post right now, to the readers who are from India I think all of they understand the word ‘Di’ but in my blog there are foreign readers too, so I think they can be confuse with the word ‘Di’, I mentioned in the title and going to mention in this post, so friends in India we call our elder sisters ‘Didi’ but we usually use a short form of this word which is ‘Di’. So let’s start this post named “Happy Birthday Di.”

(sorry for the blurred picture, I put this one by mistake)

So today is August 25 and also my Di’s birthday. She is now 21 years old. For me she is the best sister in the world, I’m not pretending I really mean it. She is not just my elder sister also my best friend outside the school. She is six years older than me but honestly we usually don’t feel the difference, most of the time we behave like best friends but not always she becomes very strict and also angry sometimes, but just that times when I do something wrong. After all, I love her very much and I know she also love me the same.

The best thing we love to do together is singing, we love to sing together and have great fun doing this. If we are talking about collaboration, Di and I love to sing ‘Little Mix’ songs together. If you listen to Little Mix songs, I don’t have to tell you why we sing their songs together. And if you haven’t listened to them yet, I will say you should check their songs, they are beautiful.

Di and I both love K-pop. We learned to read and write in Korean just by watching K-pop idols performances (they usually give lyrics in the performances). We love to watch the amazing performances and also listen to their beautiful songs. There are lots of K-pop idol groups and also solo singers, you should listen to. If you haven’t listened to K-pop yet, I think you should start from BTS first, they are really amazing, the group recently broke the record of most viewed YouTube video in it’s first 24 hours with more than 101.1 million views (you can read the full post here).

One more thing I want to share, Di really sings very well, she also shares her content on YouTube. Please check out her music on YouTube, you can check out here (there are two YouTube channels please check out both). After listening if you liked her singing please let her know through the comments on her videos, you can also congratulate her on her birthday. Please support her.

Thanks for reading this post and also for visiting my site.

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