Get to know a little bit more about me

Hello everyone. Poorwa here. So this post is literally an introduction post, I’m going to share some facts about me, so you can know a little bit more about me. But I’m not gonna cover all about me in this post okay, I will share more info about me in our future journey so we can connect more easily. And also I haven’t posted any posts like this since a long time so I think it’ll be fun. So please read the full post…

One more thing, you can also check out my ‘About me’ page here…

I’m most afraid of lizards

I really don’t know why but I can’t watch a lizard for a long time. Lizards are the only creature that can give me a heart attack, I think. I’m really afraid of them. In the beginning of my blog when I didn’t know what to do truly, I used to write about animals, mammals and nature. And when the reptile chapter came… ahh, I had to do it somehow because I had completed the mammals, birds, fish etc. section. Only I know it was so difficult for me to write about lizards and I also had to upload their pictures, it was really trembling. And can’t even write more about it so this fact ends here.

I love to play video games

I can play video games for hours. I really love it. Resident Evil games are my favorite to play. Otherwise I like to play horror, action, mind, racing, puzzle etc. games. And I’m really good at it. I always win against my friends, brothers and sisters when it comes to playing video games.

I have a music craze

I really love music from the depth of my heart. I can simply say that I can’t live without it. And I have mentioned this thing in some of my posts before. I’m not a music addict (I don’t like this word ‘addict’), I’m grateful that I can listen, sing, enjoy and have great fun with music. I truly respect those people who create beautiful music. I listen and sing almost every time. I find music in everything, when I work, type, write posts, play, exercise, read, even when sleeping. I can’t write my blog posts without listening songs, the lyrics help me to write, my fingers match the song beats and I write with the music and it becomes a post to share with you. I’m writing this post while listening to CNCO song ‘Pretend’. If you are also music lover like me you can check out spotify playlists made by me, it contains really beautiful songs. You can find those playlists on my blog’s home page. I hope you’ll like it.

My favorite movies

Marvel movies are my all time favorite. I have watched Avengers movies so many times but I still enjoy watching them. After that I like horror and psycho movies a lot, in this field I like Conjuring, Ring, Triangle etc. there are many more. In Bollywood, I personally like movies based on reality and social causes.

I want to travel a day

It’s one of my biggest dreams. I’ve also written a post on ‘My dreams’ that you can check out. Back to ‘Get to know a little bit more about me’, I really want to see the world. In my opinion the people who travel are one of the luckiest in the world. There are so many places I want to see, I want to make new friends there and also want to learn more about them and their culture. That’s why I’m trying to learn new languages. For this year I’m learning Korean and I think and also hope that I will learn almost 70% Korean at last of this year, it’s my goal. And yeah… I want to travel a day.

So you’ve read five facts about me and yes.. now we can connect with each other more easily. If you haven’t followed my blog yet please follow and I promise that you’ll get more fun and interesting contents to read. It is a long journey and also there are so many facts are left. And if you are already following my blog…. thank you very very much.

Don’t forget to leave a comment; I’m waiting to know more about you. Feel free to share your facts through the comment section; I will love to hear from you. Thanks for reading this post and also for visiting my site.

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