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Interview: Meet Philosophy blogger SaaniaSparkle

Hello everyone. So here I am with another interview with one of my favorite bloggers… SaaniaSparkle. Saania is a lifestyle blogger, who loves to discover the world around her. She is a lovely blogger and has a beautiful blog ‘FUN WITH PHILOSOPHY‘. I highly recommend you guys to visit her blog and I’m sure that it’ll give you a light feeling. So here is the interview I took with Saania and I’m sure you’ll like it…


Q.1. Give us an intro about you and your blog?

I am 16 years old, and having lived in several different countries and having met many people around the world, my blog is about my observations, thoughts, and emotions I feel while I endure life’s enigmatic nature!

Q.2. When did you start your blog? Was there any special reason behind it? You can share with us.

I started my blog when I was about 13 years old, while I was reading a book called Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder. Back then, I would blog about the key philosophical concepts that book had, but over the years I decided to put my life learnings on my blog too, along with some book reviews and some very interesting philosophical thought experiments that I enjoyed learning about.

Q.3. What is your typical blogging schedule?

I try to post every once a week (due to my heavy IB high school schedule!) but if I don’t, I try to make it up to my readers by posting twice a week. It isn’t the most ideal blogging schedule, but I must admit I am not too great at multitasking my high school work and blogging simultaneously!

Q.4. Describe ‘Life’s philosophy’ in your words?

“We are the authors of our own lives”. 

Q.5. What do you like the most about WordPress?

The thing I cherish the most about WordPress is meeting new people. It’s incredible to ‘meet’ people who live in the other end of the world as compared to you, and yet you get to discover amazing new perspectives by interacting with them. 

Q.6. What are you doing in Quarantine?

During quarantine, I have been baking, dancing, blogging, studying, spending time with my family, and learning new languages. But I luckily still get to meet my horse at my riding school 🙂 

Q.7. How would you encourage people in this tough time?

My advice to people during these horrible times is to be as grateful as you can. It’s easy to feel frustrated and overwhelmed at the moment, but rather invest your time on something you’ve always wanted to do. I, for instance, picked up my long lost hobby of dancing and it has been just so fun! Try to look for everything positive happening around you, because this isn’t something you have a 100% control over. 

Q.8. Do you like music? If yes then share your favorite song, you’re listening the most these days?

I love listening to music, and my favorite song of all time is Power by Little Mix 🙂 

Q.9. What are your future goals or dreams?

My dream is to publish my very own book and give talks about it to a large set of audience. (A little too ambitious, but there is no harm in dreaming big right?) 😊

Q.10. What advice do you want to give to new bloggers?

My advice to new bloggers would be – good things take time. While numbers, stats, and follower counts are one of the first things we look at, just remember that it’s important to ensure quality in your work before getting too desperate for followers. Take the time to build on your content, plan what exactly you wish to blog about, and interact with other bloggers as much as you can! 

Thank you Saania for your beautiful answers and also for this interview with me. And for my readers, thank you so much for visiting and for reading this post. Keep visiting my blog!

Stay safe everyone!

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