Reblog: Born for a purpose — Crosswalk

There is only a small distance In between the birth and death Brevity of life wonders me So prepare things to-do list Find out who you are? Why you are here ??? Born for a purpose — Crosswalk As I told you yesterday I'm taking a break but it doesn't take much time to reblog... Continue Reading →

Taking a small break

Hey everyone. Poorwa here. So I'm writing a small post for a quick update😉. I'm taking a small break from WP, as it's my cousin's wedding and we have no time to rest (you know Indian weddings 😑). So I'll not active a lot on my blog for a few days but I might publish... Continue Reading →

Reblog: Very Short horror stories!!!!😱 — SHIVICTIONARY

NAMASTE everyone welcome back to my blog, I was in search of a horror story online but then I found these more interesting. They are very very very short u can read these in seconds .so…….enjoy . 🤘 #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 Thank you 💜🤘Very Short horror stories!!!!😱 — SHIVICTIONARY I just found... Continue Reading →

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