My Lifestyle: Daily life, Corona effect and studies..

Hey everyone. How are you all doing? Hope you are healthy and happy. So yesterday Poorwa’s blog reached 200+ followers… yeah. Thanks to all of you for giving me & my blog lots of love. And yes.. I asked that what would you like to read in my next post and I’m thankful to Helen for sharing such a nice idea.

Everyone make sure to check out Helen’s blog ‘Crispy Confessions‘. Thanks again Helen.

So let’s get started…

My daily life…

My name… Poorwa Vishwakarma. I live in Ambikapur, India. It’s such a beautiful place with beautiful people.

A simple lifestyle and I like it a lot. We are five members in our family and I’m the youngest. We have a lot of supporting relatives (just like a typical Indian family🙂) and when we all meet it becomes one of the most beautiful days in the year. A happy family🥰.

Our house is a little bit outside of the main town, in a peaceful place, lovely neighbors and beautiful atmosphere. You can check out my Gallery so you’d know how beautiful this place is☺️.

My day starts by hearing birds chirping in the morning. Since schools are closed so no hurry to get ready for school😁.

My classes start at 8 am in the morning and ends at 4 pm in the evening. So almost half of my day goes in studying online. After that we all spend a beautiful family time together. And in between I work on my blog.

So I think I’m managing my studies, blog and family well. What do you think🙂?

Pandemic effect…

At the start of March 2020, everything was pretty good and normal. I was in 10th grade and board exams were very close. 10th and 12th final results really matter a lot here, and my 10th results were very important for me and my family too). In March our exams started and luckily everything went good😌.

Then suddenly the world went in a big lockdown and we didn’t know what to do. We never felt like that way before. We were a little bit afraid about what will happen now and a little bit glad that we are safe.

At first we faced some problems but after some time everything settled down well. We are taking care of safety and doing our own work. I always feel very lucky from where I am and who I am. I really feel very safe here. Remember this post? ‘Love the way you live‘.

I hope that all of you and your family are safe and healthy. I wish for the best for everyone👍.

Online classes…

School hasn’t started yet and online studies are going on and on.You can read my review on online studies here (it’s a fun post).

But honestly I don’t want these online classes anymore. I know that it’s more fun than studying at school in many ways but it’s my second last year of school and I don’t want to waste it while staying at home.

But it’s not possible in this situation and I wouldn’t like that we are at school in this pandemic and I can’t even handshake with my friends, so I only want to go to school only after the total end of this corona virus and until that moment let’s enjoy the online classes☺️ (What about chatting with friends😃?….just kidding…we should focus on the classes)

So… liked this post? Leave a comment below, I always love to hear from you. Feel free to share what you’d like to read in my next posts, just like Helen did, I’m really thankful to you.

Stay safe and happy friends!

I know that many of you really love Harry Potter.. so bye for now… see you in next post

31 thoughts on “My Lifestyle: Daily life, Corona effect and studies..

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      1. You are respecful, well mannered, and growing into a successful writer and you will be a rich and famous writer who readers and fanswho love your books will bring you money, name, and fame making you $$ WEALTHY $$!!!!!

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  1. Congrats on 200 followers! I loved this post. It’s so interesting to read people’s perspectives and how their lives have been during the pandemic. I can’t image being in school during these times. My brother actually graduated from college in the middle of it. No in person graduation or anything. It’s been such a weird year. Glad you have family around you to keep you positive. 🙂

    – Brittany

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  2. Thank you! This is such a lovely post. My heart goes out to everyone going to school during these times. Whether they going to school at a brick or mortar (wearing masks, using plexiglass) or going to school online, it’s just so different. I feel for the young kids who have to wear a mask 8 hours a day. Or the young kids who have to sit still at home in front of their computer and study & attend live classrooms.
    But I am glad that you are managing well & that you have a supportive family.
    I also love the imagery of the birds chirping outside — sounds like you live in a beautiful place ❤

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