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#5 GIF-y Love

Hey everyone. So it’s Wednesday and here I am playing with one of my favorite tags ‘GIF-y Love’.

(If you want to check out the GIFs I used in my previous posts using this tag, here you go.. GIF-y Love.. #1, #2, #3, #4 and check out the GIF for this week below)


  • Every Wednesday, a prompt would be given by us on our blogs.
  • You’d have to find your favorite GIF related to that prompt and post it any day of the week you want along with your most recent emoji on your blog under the tag name- GIF-y Love.
  • We too would share our weird favorite GIFs
  • You must tag both the creators of the tag- Tiction and Nehal.
  • The next week, we’ll give a shoutout to our favorite GIF among all of yours.

(The results and next week’s prompt will be posted on Tiction’s blog)

Make sure you laugh a lot in the process, too!

The prompt for this week is…


(Couldn’t help myself to add these two GIFs😅)

(What is this.. lol😂)

So that’s it for this post friends. Hope you had fun. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

Thank you very much for visiting. Take care and stay safe!

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