Good bye November 2020

Okay.. okay..

I know I’m four days late but I told you that I’m taking a small break right? Yes I did and I say ‘good bye’ to every month of 2020 after it ends, so I can’t leave this oneπŸ˜‰.

By the way, I’m back now and excited and happy to start publishing regularly again. And yes.. my cousin’s wedding went very well and thanks for your lovely comments there. Great to see you againπŸ₯°.

So how was your monthπŸ™‚?

Hope you had a great time and you are happy and healthy with your family.

For me.. my November was Daebak (awesome). We had great fun at the wedding, I made many good friends online and felt more connected with my blogging family.

I received lots of blogging award nominations, I did lots of fun tags, wrote many posts and read a lot. I’m really thankful to all these things.. thanks a lotπŸ˜„.

Now let’s talk about December..

What do you like about December?

Well, December is always my favorite month. Main reason.. it’s my birthday month. My family always makes me feel happy than anyone this day😊. Not only one reason, I’m always excited for the new year and I love holidays (well, holidays are nothing special for me this year).

So that’s it for this post everyone. Actually, I wanted to write more but November 2020 is gone right, we’ll look at December now. And yeah.. I’m very happy to come back😊 (even when it was a small breakπŸ˜„).

Hope you are happy and healthy. Have a great December okay.

Take care and stay safe!

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