The best career advice I have ever received

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So you have read the title of this post right? It’s ‘The best career advice I have ever received.’ Let’s get started…

High school is a stage in your life where you get a lot of advice but in this post I’m sharing a career advice I got from someone very special to me and also to my friends😉.

So yesterday I uploaded my blog’s link on my whatsapp status. I usually don’t update my whatsapp status but somehow I did. And almost everyone who saw my status replied me like ‘good, nice blog, keep going’ etc. My teachers also encouraged me a lot and then suddenly I found a reply from my previous IT (Information Technology) Teacher.

Deepa Ma’am transferred from our school to her hometown state.. it’s almost been 2 years. I met her for the first time in my first year of High School. I was a new student and wasn’t very comfortable with everyone there in the starting. On the second day of my new session, a teacher told us to go to the office room and to choose a branch subject between IT, AG (Agriculture) and Sanskrit. I decided to go into the IT class. After that we were told to meet our IT teacher and give a brief introduction. And after that this little bit scary girl started to be confident in that new place. I had never met a teacher like her in my life. She was just so good, lovely and beautiful and more than a teacher she was like a friend🥰.

After a few days I met my friends in the school and found that they were also in IT section, it made me more happy and comfortable. When our studies started, we were always desperate to attend IT class. We used to enjoy that class very much (It’s not that I don’t like it now, it’s still our favorite subject). We went to different colleges and have great fun there. And also got highest marks in IT😄. I think this is what is called ‘Study with fun’.

But one day we found that she is no longer teaching us, she was going to a different place. All the IT students were almost going to cry, when she was leaving but we didn’t cry. We had to stop our tears because we didn’t want to make our teacher sad🥺.

This is the best relationship between a teacher and the students. Ma’am taught us so many things before leaving and that was the day when I received the best advice:

“Do what you want but for something good. I know that you all are going to achieve awesome goals in your future. Love your work and always keep the people you love in front of your eyes. Do what you are interested in; never try to make your career in a thing you don’t like, I don’t want to see you depressed in your future. You have to find the courage to say ‘no’ in front of everyone. You have to fight for good and for you. I’m not saying you to say no to everyone just because you don’t like what they are saying; it’s not true that you are always right, you have to learn the difference between ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Say ‘no’ for the wrong things and never hesitate to take the good side. Keep your mind positive and tackle everything with a smile. I’m leaving now but I will pray to meet you someday. And that day I want to see a big smile in your face and confidence in your eyes. Stay blessed and most important study very hard.”👍👍

And then she left.

We miss her very much and we are also jealous of the students she teaches now. But our new IT teacher is also very good. He is also the same as Deepa Ma’am. So we are very happy with our studies but it’s also that we miss her a lot.

Deepa Ma’am replied me yesterday when she visited my blog and she was really impressed with it. She encouraged me a lot and I was also very happy to talk to her after a long time.

So it was the best advice I’ve ever received yet. I hope you liked her words. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? Share with me in the comment section.

Thanks for reading! Stay safe!

11 thoughts on “The best career advice I have ever received

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  1. Thats some very valuable advice. I like the emohasis on do what you love and remeber to keeo the people you love upfront of you. Also knowing good from bad and always choosing good.

    We support your blog, keep writing. This will push you to learn more and have even more value to share.

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  2. That is some authentic advice. Good teachers like her change a student’s destiny forever!. A simple ‘thank you’ from our side after some years will add unbelievable joy in their life. The very fact that you are writing a blogpost on her will go a long way.

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