I’ll be grateful to these things 2020 gave me

2020 is almost to an end, there are just 15 days left. 15 days later, we will be welcoming 2021 and saying good-bye to 2020 happily (and I think.. hoping it to never come back right😄?).

I’ll say 2020 was kinda…

But you know I just hate ‘negativity’. So I wish that 2021 will bring us lots of happiness and progress and we will name it ‘the end of Covid’ (of course we will👍).

It was a tough year and I never want something like this to come back but I can’t say that nothing happened good even in this weird situation, I’m grateful to some things 2020 gave me, so let’s take a look at them…

Poorwa’s blog

(Tell me, you knew that my blog is somewhere in this list right😃?)

This year has given me a new beautiful hobby, a target and a big chance. I wouldn’t have been here if there wasn’t this quarantine. Honestly.. I just wanted to start a blog but wasn’t passionate about it and I hadn’t tried writing (like this) ever. But after starting this journey, now I don’t have any idea of stopping it. I’m truly grateful for this.


10th grade was like a battle ground for us (me & my classmates), not because of studies, it was because of the lack of time and rest. I just wanted to complete my final exams and take a break. From the beginning of 10th, almost everyone who talked to me, always said… “Remember.. board exams. Study more & more”.

I know they care about me but it was really frustrating. Studying was nothing in front of that tiredness and pressure. And I took complete rest and did the things I enjoy without any pressure.


Talking to foreigners is not a common thing here, and even speaking English is a thing to proud in my town. My family is proud of me that I connect with the people all around the world. This year made me more confident.


I met my two lovely friends after 6 years. I was just so happy when I met them. And I made so many good friends here. I’m so grateful because of it.

Family time

I’ve always been with my family but it wasn’t that easy to spend the whole day without any tension. I really had so much fun with them this year, it was just awesome.

So these are the five things I’ll miss about 2020. I really hated this year but somewhere it gave me these precious things to be grateful for. Do you know this saying in Hindi? “Jo hota hai achhe ke liye hota hai”. It means that whatever happens is for good. I don’t believe this line completely but it really inspires me and I think that the world will learn something from this year for sure.

I hope you liked this post. Thanks for reading!

Stay safe and take care!

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  1. I’m so glad that you’ve found many wonderful things to be grateful for in 2020! This year has been a challenge to many of us but we should never lose sight of what’s important! I can’t wait to see how your blog continues to grow ❤

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