Some-things I want to say to new bloggers

Hey everyone.

In this post I’m going to share some tips for new bloggers, you can also call this post ‘Things I wish I had known when I started my blog’, but I don’t know why I just wanted to keep the title small😉.

Well I’m also a beginner in this blogging world and it’s been only a few months I’m working on it but if I compare my blogging and writing ‘now’ to ‘then’… I think I can share some helpful tips. What do you think😄? Let’s get started…

Be confident

Write confidently, publish confidently and review confidently. I remember when I used to hesitate in every blogging-thing (silly me😅) but I learned and see.. I’m even confident in sharing my silly mistakes😂. So just believe in yourself and do it (I mean good things) confidently.

Hey, do you use social-media?

This tip is for those who use social-media or thinking to start it, I know some bloggers who don’t use it but I think it’s very helpful in blogging. ‘Never underestimate the power of social-media’, you might have read this line before somewhere because it’s very true. I’m not a pro in using social-media for my blog but I’m learning and I can see good results. Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr etc. there are many social-media platforms where you can promote your blog. (Hey if you are on any of these platforms, you can leave your profile id so I’d follow you there🙂)

You’re not alone

I can say this thing very confidently that the bloggers here are really very supportive. You’re absolutely not alone if you don’t want to be alone. Community matters a lot and you’re a precious part of it🥰.

Make friends

It’s one of my favorite things here😍. Making friends will make you more confident and you’ll have fun, trust me. You can ask for their suggestions, ideas and people will found you more attractive so your blogging family will grow for sure.

Have fun

Hey the most important thing. Make sure that you’re having fun. If you don’t have fun with it it can effect your performance so just have fun with what you are doing😊.

Thanks for reading this post. I’ll publish a post on ‘tips for new bloggers’ soon. I hope you’ll read and like it. Let me know your views in comments.

Stay safe and take care!

26 thoughts on “Some-things I want to say to new bloggers

Add yours

  1. *** Ms. goddess, Poorwa, you are a genius and I love your informative post
    and I learnt something from your post
    that you are not only a student, bot have with teaching ability
    and that you know that a writer is
    the servant of society to make them happy with their creativity
    and you went through the glass ceiling with this gem
    that not only help new bloggers but all bloggers as well.
    Thank you for such a great-profound post young creative genius! This post should go bloggers viral!!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Hey Poorwa, this post is really helpful to me. I started my blog just a few weeks back(actually it’s only 2 weeks old) and your tips are really helpful. All your posts are also awesome. But I didn’t understand how to make friends.🤷

    Liked by 1 person

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