A day in my life: A blog post for you

Hey everyone. How ya’ doing?

So I’m into anime these days

Remember.. I asked you a few days ago that what you would like to read in my blog in ‘A blog post for you’. Thanks for leaving your comments but if you haven’t and you want me to write something on your choice, you can leave a comment below😉.

Thanks to Vani Di @Heart talk with Vani for giving me the idea of this post ‘A day in my life’. And don’t forget to visit her awesome blog okay (I love her short stories and other posts😍).

So let’s get started (please read until the end)…. It’s A DAY IN MY LIFE

To be honest, it starts with a little bit laziness (It’s winter here so I can’t say I wake up early in the morning). I wake up around 7:15 am in morning then after being fresh up I go through WordPress, Twitter and Instagram (sometimes Facebook), then I attend three online classes from 8 to 10 am. Then in between 11 am to 12 pm… I do anything I find, like eating breakfast (mostly cheela or fried rice or tea-bread), helping my Maa and Di in household chores while listening to my spotify playlist and singing (ah.. I always write these things in Hindi, I mean helping my Mom and elder sister) saying hi to my doggy, spending some family time etc. etc.

And then from 12 to 4 pm, I attend my other classes (I know my day is not so cool but you have to deal with it😄). In short breaks like 10-15 minutes between our classes, I eat lunch (anytime between 12 to 1:30 pm), and check out notifications on my blog and read some blog posts.

Finally after attending all the classes, I go out for a fresh air. Play for a little while with my dog and my cousin’s dogs (my whole family love dogs and animals), take a walk, then again I help Maa and Di in household chores. Sometimes the photographer inside me wakes up and starts to capture lots of pictures. Here’s when I start to feel most energetic and fresh😊.

Then around 5:30 pm in evening… cooold. My cousin’s.. (nah I call her Di) house is next to us so we enjoy sitting around the bonfire there. And at 6 pm I come to my computer and open at least 5 tabs (WordPress, Spotify or SoundCloud or Windows media player, Get emoji and any social-media platform). After hanging around for 10 minutes I close every tab except WordPress and the music player.

There is a show called Vh1 playlist, starts at 6 pm (for one hour) in evening and it shows really awesome music videos. So Di calls me every time if there’s airing a music video that I love (she knows my all favorites). I run to the next room where’s TV, watch the mv (while dancing and singing like crazy with my siblings😁) then without wasting a second run to my computer after the mv ends.

I publish two posts everyday, one in the morning and one in evening or night. So I check out my drafts, complete a post then publish it. Then share it on my social media profiles and surf on internet for 30-40 minutes. Then I have dinner with my family while watching news on TV and spending my favorite family time and taking a look at studies🙂.

After some time I come back to my computer, read posts on WordPress, surf on internet, chat with friends etc. Then with Di, we watch lots of music related things and laugh a lot.

Then she goes to her room to practice singing and guitar and I write a post to publish next morning. And finally the day ends and around 11 pm I go to sleep.


I know it’s not a video that I’m writing ‘behind the scenes’ but you’re gonna find it here. There are some funny things I haven’t mentioned above.

Bhaiya (elder brother) irritates me all the day and I’m also not a pure soul, I do the same with him. We don’t even leave Maa and Papa when our minds are having a blast. I sing almost every time with Di, except when I’m focusing on classes. We love to hit high notes together😂. Whenever I get free time between my classes, I check out WordPress and my blog. I listen to Korean classes podcasts when I’m working on my blog and watch k-dramas and other videos to help me learning Korean. Then I do yoga, exercise, play videos games with my siblings whenever we have time in night and etc. etc.

So this was ‘A day in my life’. I hope you liked reading it. I call it ‘a busy life of a student’. Am I wrong? I think you now know why I like night more than day. I feel really fresh after evening and really we laugh a lot. These days I don’t find much time to write posts in the day, I can write easily only after evening but I’m learning to manage everything. Thanks a lot for reading.

Tell me about ‘a day in your life’ in the comments. And let me know your views on this post. If you have any ideas for my upcoming blog posts, or if there’s something I can write on your choice, feel free to let me know.

Take care and stay safe!

33 thoughts on “A day in my life: A blog post for you

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  1. Aww, it’s great to hear how you spend time with your family and cousins. I’m also amazed at your dedication towards posting twice a day, despite your busy schedule. Keep up the good work! ✊🏼

    Hey, which anime are you currently watching?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Anytime! 😄
        Oh, never heard that anime before. Might check it out sometime.
        Have you tried My Hero Academia, Assassination Classroom, or Toradora? These are some good animes you could get started with.

        Liked by 1 person

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