Snowflake Contest (I WON!)

Ooh.. I love snow…

Hey everyone. So as I told you yesterday, I’m gonna share painting today. Yes.. so first let me hold my shield because I don’t know what you are gonna think about my painting… okay, I’m done now😅.

I’m participating in the ‘Christmasphere- Snowflake Contest’ held by Online Days – A teen blog.


  1. Your artwork has to be painted/drawn/sketched by hand.
  2. It should be original.
  3. The theme is ‘Christmas-The mystical time of the year’.
  4. All submitted pieces should be based on the theme.
  5. Submissions will only be accepted if done in correct procedure.
  6. Last date for Submission is 31st Dec 2020.

Submission Process

  1. Make a blog post on your blog/site.
  2. Title it ‘Christmasphere- Snowflake Contest’ or any other title you want!
  3. Attach your artwork to that post.
  4. Use the tag ‘Christmasphere-Snowflake Contest’.
  5. And finally, link it back to THIS post.

And to know more click here

So as I told you yesterday that I ruined my first work of art for this contest by mistake, and I have another great news today… I even lost my new colors when we were decorating for my birthday😭, so it’s just a very normal painting by me but I still hope that you’ll like it😁… Here we go…

Hey I know that I’m not very good at it okay😑

You know I felt like crying when I found that I’d lost my new colors but as I had promised her (The one who always talks), so I couldn’t help myself to share this at my blog. I hope that it was okay🙂.

Thanks for visiting dear reader. However my painting was to you, I really wish you to participate in this contest as I truly want to see your arts. Have a great day/night.

Stay safe and take care!

I won!

I can’t believe it, I really won this contest! Thank you so much!! Here’s my award…

21 thoughts on “Snowflake Contest (I WON!)

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  1. It looks so beautiful ❤️ I’ll give it a try too, thanks! ✨
    Drawing doesn’t have to be so perfect like they are described, what matters most is how you enjoyed making it. You really did a great job 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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