Good bye 2020: A round-up and wishes for 2021

Hey everyone. So according to India time, only 2 hours 50 minutes left for 2021… yayy🥳🥳. Aren’t you excited😃? You know I really love the time of New Year very very much, I know I don’t find lots of changes in my lifestyle but still I feel a very energetic vibe around me🥰.

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Honestly, I’m not gonna sleep tonight, just like every year and I’m not gonna make it alone😁. I’m not gonna let anyone sleep in my family too😂😂, I’m very excited to see the first sunrise of 2021🤩.

So let’s take a round-up of Poorwa’s blog.. yes, from January to December. Let’s get started…

January: Life was going very normal… pressure of board exams and you know a student’s life.

February: Board exams were very close, there was only one thing going in my mind.. “Study hard”. It was the period when I knew about COVID and one day my brother returned home from college and told that a student there found corona positive and the college is closed now☹️.

March: It was my Mom’s birthday🥳. Then I had exams😅, of course I was a little bit afraid but I was confident too. 5 subjects went very well but we couldn’t go to school for our last exam because of the sudden lockdown. We got marks in the last subject according to previous exam results. My mood was very off because of the lockdown😔. But I had lots of fun in Holi.

April: We were accepting the quarantine and the weird situations. And finally I launched Poorwa’s blog. It was also my Dad’s birthday🤩.

May: I was excited for my 10th results. And very happy and relieved after I got the results😊.

June: I finally started to write in my blog👍.

July: Couldn’t write regularly on my blog because online classes were starting.

August: I learned to manage my blog and studies both and started to blog regularly🙂. It was my elder sister’s birthday🥳.

September: I surpassed 100+ followers on my blog🥳. Everything was going well and it was really very important to watch news, because a lot was happening in the country and worldwide.

October: My elder brother’s birthday🤩🤩. And me- having fun with blogging. It was also Diwali, and as always I loved it😍. Also surpassed 250+ subscribers on my blog!

November: Surpassed 200+ followers on blog🥳. Classes went a little bit hard and I took a small break from blogging, as it was my cousin’s wedding. We really had fun😊.

December: My favorite month of the year… my birthday, Christmas, winter season and end of the year🥳🥳.

Award nominations…



Collabs and interviews…

Wishes…. (I’m thinking to make ‘wishes’ my new greeting from 2021, what do you think?)

So these were some special posts from me in 2020 and I’m looking forward to create a ‘Categories’ page in my blog tonight, so you can find my posts from whichever category you want☺️. I’ll let you know about it tomorrow… on 1st January 2021🥳🥳.

So what are you planning for 2021, share with me in the comment section. As always I’d love to hear from you. As you might know that I really don’t make new year resolutions but there is one resolution for every year… is to.. Stay healthy and happy with my family. I hope we all have a great year ahead😍.

Thank you so much guys for reading. For you support this whole year and for everything, I’m just so grateful to all of you🥰.

See you in 2021. Happy New Year. Have a great, wonderful and beautiful new year🥳🥳.

11 thoughts on “Good bye 2020: A round-up and wishes for 2021

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  1. Have a happy and healthy new year poorwa!! ❤️
    You did an awesome job and your blog is sure to grow up more! Wishing you all the best ✨
    (*waiting to finish off the cake at 12.00 pm 😂🎂 and of course for the new year eve live 💜)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay Happy New Year to you! 🥳💜 I was going to go to bed at my normal time but the fireworks in our neighborhood kept me up till midnight 😂💙 yeah I agree New Year’s is exciting! I hope your 2021 is getting off to a lovely start 💜

    Liked by 1 person

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