How to manage your blog with studies

Hey wishes! How ya’ doing in 2021🙂? Me- Facing the ‘Lack of time’ problem😑. We’re in January 2021 now, and if you’re a student I think you can totally relate with me. I don’t know how and when will be final exams and I’ll be heading to 12th but I know for sure that ‘I have to study’. And ‘blogging’ has now become a very precious and important part of my daily life, so it’s just so important to manage both of these “important” things😊.

So a big thanks to Shelly @Growing with Spawn for the idea of this post. And I’m really sorry for doing this so late (Please understand my ‘lack of time’ problem😅). Everyone, don’t forget to visit her blog because it’s… awesomeee

So in this post I’m gonna share ‘how you can manage your blog with studies‘. I hope you’ll like it…

It’s not very important to write a daily schedule

I know many students write down all the things they “think” they will do everyday as their daily schedule but honestly I’ve experienced, my friends and me too have failed many times in following that written schedule. And it sometimes even trouble you to do important things first. So I prefer to create a schedule in your mind (you really don’t have to write and stick it in front of your eyes), and do what you think is the most important at the moment first👍.

Be focused on what you’re doing right now

When you’re working on your blog, you really should not try to do your homework or other school stuff. And when you are attending online classes, please don’t check your blog’s notification panel when your teacher is teaching you. I think these days for online classes, teachers are working much harder than students. For example, I’m talking about my own teachers, we have around 100 students in my class but it’s hard to see even half of the students “studying” during the class but our teachers take classes everyday and prepare hard for it. And you know, I was also one of those students but thank goodness, I’m focusing on my studies now😁.

Schedule posts

All I can say that it’s really very helpful. Have you noticed ‘Most popular-hour‘ in your blog insights🙃? That’s very important, and when you schedule your posts at the perfect time when your readers are most active, I think it’s truly worthy to schedule your posts. And sometimes when you want to ‘publish’ your post, you can’t do that on time because of any more important reason but scheduling posts can make you tension-free in this case, trust me😇!

Be honest with yourself

Education is one of the most important things out there. Even though you can’t go to school right now but you’re studying right? And it doesn’t matter that no one is noticing you’re studying or not, you do study for yourself, to make you proud. So please be honest with yourself and focus on it. And I don’t think it’s very important to study the whole day to score good, if your mind is tired and you don’t want to study right now, it isn’t worthy to do it. First keep your mind fresh then study. And when you think it’s time to work on your blog right now… just go for it😊.

So now you just read some of my tips to manage your blog and studies both. Hey I’m also a students, do you think I’m managing well🙂? I don’t think it’s too hard to manage your schedule with study and blog. You just need a fresh and energetic mind, and it’s 95% done, the left 5% is your mindset for it. I truly hope that you liked this post. Once again thank you Shelly and also sorry for publishing it late😅.

Thanks for reading!

Stay safe and take care🤗!

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  1. Thanks so much Poorwa, for these tips because actually I’ve been having a little trouble balancing the two, blogging and school i mean. I think all these are fantabulous ideas!!!

    Thanks alotttt!!

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