Melodious collab: With Anushka from “Anushka stories”

Hey wishes! So I’m very excited to share this post with you. It’s a collab post with my dear friend Anushka (her pen-name is ‘nusshe’) from “Anushka stories“😊. She’s such an awesome and lovely blogger and you really wouldn’t like to miss her blog, so don’t forget to check it out😉!

So this is a music related collab, in which me and Anu asked each-other 10 music related small questions and answered them. I hope you like this post!

Anushka’s questions and my answers…

Q1. Do u like English songs or Hindi songs more?

Honestly, English songs. I don’t listen to new Hindi songs a lot (except a few favorite ones), in Hindi songs, I choose old melodious songs😍.

Q2. Have you listened to K-pop?

Yup, I love K-pop♥️!

Q3. If you want to see a concert. Who’s concert will you go? (Singer name)

BTS of course! I love their performances so much😍.

Q4. Your favorite singers?

BTS, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Little Mix and the list goes on and on (I don’t know but I think I listen to your favorite artists too, so would you leave a comment including your favorite singers in it🙂).

Q5. Do you listen to Maroon 5?

Yes! “Memories bring back.. memories bring back”❤️

Q6. Do you listen to pop or rap?

I don’t listen to rap a lot but the ones I like are really addictive (just like Eminem’s rap in ‘Love the way you lie’, I think I listen to this song everyday). And I love pop just so much🥰🥰.

Q7. Your favorite band.

Again… BTS of course💕!

Q8. Do you play an instrument? which?

No but my sister has a guitar and I sometimes try to practice with it😁.

Q9.  Your favorite song in the whole wide world?

‘Spring Day’. The song, lyrics, music, melodies, singers, rappers, choreography.. I mean everything is so…😍😌🥰

Q10. Do you listen to BTS? Do you like their songs?

I think you know the answer now right? (But still if you don’t, comment section is always open for you😉)

Thanks for reading friends! I hope you liked our collab. And yes, don’t forget to check Anushka’s post too, in which she is answering my 10 questions. We planned to schedule this post on Saturday 12 AM, so I’m sure half of this post is now live on Anushka’s blog too, so click here to check out her Reader Feed.

That’s it for this post. Stay safe and take care!

40 thoughts on “Melodious collab: With Anushka from “Anushka stories”

Add yours

  1. Eminem and Little Mix are GODLY!!
    Little Mix has a few lit songs, but some are pretty okayish. My faves are Salute, Touch, Wasabi, Shout Out to My Ex and like, a few million more. But it totally sucks that Jesy left… did you hear about that??! I was super sad…
    K-POP!! YUSSS!!
    For some reason, K-pop gets ALOT of hate. There’s definitely so many dark aspects to it- but the music is sososo good!
    Actually, I’m not a fan of all K-pop. I just like BlackPink’s stuff- even BTS is okayish in comparison XD
    Sorry for this super long comment. It’s just nice to meet someone who has such similar taste in music as me ❤
    Great collab!
    stay sticky,

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Yup, their songs are just too good❤ if I make a list of my favorites it’d be too long for sure😄
      Yeah I was also sad when she left, all because of those haters😔
      I know, but I think the thing that gets lots of love also gets hate, but you know.. haters gonna hate and players gonna play😍😁
      And no problem, I like comments like this one when my readers talk to me 🥰
      Glad to know that we have same interests, thanks a lot❤

      Liked by 2 people

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