Tips to learn a language in a better way

Learning a new language is a excellent work and total fun too. You feel special because you can speak a total different language and people around you praise you for it. As you guys might know that I’m learning Korean and I’m proud to say that I’m going great in it. So I wanna say thanks to Pavithra for the idea of this post, and today I’m gonna share some tips to learn a new language in a better and fun way. I hope you’ll like it..

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I think this point is very important and quite easy and simple too. I started to learn Korean because I was first attracted to K-pop then to Korean culture, and these are the things which make me wanna learn it faster. If you start to learn a new language but there’s nothing that attracts you towards it, then won’t it be boring to study and learn? I mean you are learning that language for something right? Like if you’re learning Spanish, then maybe you like Spanish songs or you want to travel there etc., it can be anything related to the language you want to learn. So in my opinion, try finding something that attracts you towards that language, then trust me you’ll have more fun.


It’s honestly my favorite! As you know I’m in the world’s biggest music lovers list and music is helpful in even learning a new language. When you listen to the songs in that language you’re learning to, it makes your pronunciation better & better. When you read the original lyrics and translate it to your language (to understand) you memorize lots of words, and I know how good it feels. Let’s take Spanish for example again- So I will start to learn Spanish after I would have learned Korean and Japanese. There are some great Spanish singers I listen to and I think Spanish pronunciation is not very difficult and it’s quite fun too. These days I’m listening quite a lot too Selena Gomez’s new single ‘De una vez’ and I’m really in love with this song.


When I hadn’t even started to learn Korean I was amazed that I’ve already learned all Korean alphabets! In most of K-pop comeback performances, they provide lyrics of the songs and just by understanding slowly-slowly through their pronunciations and staring at those unknown words, now I can write in Korean by listening to it.

I know my handwriting… haha

I captured this picture a few weeks ago- I recorded my voice while reading to a story written in Korean, then I tried to write down that all through listening my voice recording and I was glad with the result.


You can join live classes and in my opinion, it’s the best fun part. It’s been two months I’ve been attending a weekly live Korean class on YouTube every Thursday and I didn’t know that it would be that fun. And our teacher- she is such a lovely person and a good teacher. We always join around 30 minutes before the live starts and chat with the classmates there, and that totally feels like a classroom. We talk about the previous class and welcome new students etc. etc. Our teacher never forgets to mention our names and it sounds so cute when she says, “Poorwa”. I feel so happy when new students already know me as they have heard my name in previous classes. We ask our doubts and questions there and also help other students. So I just want to say that if you’re learning a new language, join live classes, you can make friends there and even clear your doubts.

If you replay the live chat, you can see my chat with other students. (My ID is just ‘Poorwa’)


I listen to Korean learning podcasts when I’m working on my computer or making notes or writing assignments etc. Listening to podcasts or music doesn’t disturb me while writing so I’m okay with it. There’s a excellent website which I use to learn Korean called and I’m really impressed with it. First it’s totally free, then it’s divided in Level 1 to Level 10 and I can download every podcast as mp3 and also download lesson notes as PDF files. There is always an option for level test and I like it the most. Then the podcasters are really brilliant and funny too, so I don’t get bored while listening to it. Not only talking about Korean, you can find these types of learning websites for many languages and I’m sure it’ll be of use.

I’m not a big fan of movies but as many of my friends and my teacher too recommended me to watch K-dramas, so it can improve my learning. Honestly I don’t watch movies a lot but I have watched three k-dramas after their recommendation and it was 100% worth watching. I really loved the first one I watched and have also reviewed it on my blog you can check here, and I’m looking forward to review the more two I have watched completely.

Watching movies or dramas in the language you’re learning to, will help you to understand that language. I mean how to speak, how to pronounce, most common words etc. and if you like watching stories, then you’ll have fun too.

So.. that’s all for this post. I hope you liked my tips and this post will be helpful to you if you’re learning a new language (all the best for it).

Thanks for reading! Stay safe and take care!

Are you also learning a new language? Do you have any tips to share on this topic?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this post!

52 thoughts on “Tips to learn a language in a better way

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  1. Thank you for the awesome tips poorwa!! I’m trying my best in learning Hindi even though I can understand what they say but couldn’t speak and write properly. Think I should practice writing more and more!! Once I’m satisfied with learning it, I’ll start with korean 😉
    Thanks once again!!

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      1. Yessss sure we will. You don’t even have to say, I listen to hindi songs too. 😂❤️
        Arjith singh is my favorite!!
        Favorite old ones would be tumse Mike dil ka jo haal, dhoom again, tujhme rab dikhta hai, kal ho na ho and other old shahrukh khan songs

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  2. Thanks for the advice!
    I’m learning French, German and Latin at school, and I find that going over vocab every so often is really useful. You could use flashcards or various vocab sites, like Quizlet 😊

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  3. Im trying to learn German and i found a course on alison, its going not so good but i will get there, i will start listening tl german songs and watch movies as well. I overlooked that part🙂🙂🤗🤗🤗

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I am pumped and inspired after reading this so I might give a go. That yt session sounds amazing. My parents and sis, relatives, everyone taunts me for listening to kpop without understanding anything. So lets get it. Fighting! Good luck to you too!!

    Liked by 1 person

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