Take care of dogs

We have now entered in the second month of 2021. For me it feels like I did nothing in January, except taking this blogging break. Yes, I’m still on a break but I need to publish this post. There was no plan that I would write this post on my blog as I’m on a break but something happened which made me to write this post.

Please take care of your dogs

In my colony, there are lots of street dogs and two days ago I noticed that much of them were missing. Then it all started… dogs are falling sick and dying. I don’t know about everywhere but in the city I live called Ambikapur.. everyday hundreds of dogs are being taken to hospital. Doctors are saying that it’s a serious animal disease called Parvo (Canine Parvovirus). I don’t know much about this disease so you check the link to Wikipedia.

February 1, was the worst day I’ve seen in this new year. I lost my puppy. She actually did belong to my cousin sister but we are neighbors and I see no difference between her pets and mine. She was only 6-7 months old, and then on Jan 30, she suddenly fell sick and stopped to eat anything, then continuously vomiting then blood. My cousin took her to the animal’s hospital and there doctors told him about the disease. They told us that this animal disease has affected our whole city and Animal hospitals here are full of patient dogs.

The same day I found a street dog in my backyard, laying on the wet surface in a corner. I tried to make him eat some dog food but he didn’t, then the next we found him dead in the neighborhood.

Then late night we found that my sister’s other dog has also caught the disease. My cousin arrived to take him to the hospital on Feb 1st morning. Before leaving he told us that our puppy is no more.

The other dog’s condition is also very serious now and we’re just hoping and praying him to recover as fast as possible.

Maybe reading this post, you might be thinking about me that I’m heartless, writing a post after this incident but whatever you say, I need to inform you about this. Please take care of dogs, and keep them separate from each-other.

Both of my sister’s dogs were always together, and doctors were saying that the other dog caught the disease because of staying with the puppy. I lost one but I don’t wanna lose another one too. I believe that prayers have power so please pray with me for his good health. And I have to take care of my pet too; I’ll do everything to keep him safe from this disease. And please pray that my sister’s dog, who is fighting.. will win.

I don’t know how I’m writing this post and honestly I don’t want to write about this. Everytime I think about this my eyes fill with tears and it feels like it was all my fault. I could do nothing to save her and can do nothing to help the other dog to recover. You are reading this post it means that it has published on my blog but before hitting that ‘Publish’ button I wished to delete this post, but I know why I’m doing this.

Yesterday if I commented on your posts or talked with you guys, I’m really sorry, I think I was just pretending to show that everything is normal.

I don’t know you know about this disease or not. And I hope that your home-town is safe from this disease.

Please take care of these precious brave animals and please pray for the ones who are suffering.  

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      1. This is a long story so when I used to go to my grandmothers house there was a little black dog. when I was 7 I named him “kale” meaning black in Hindi. He grew up and he had small cute 5 babies. When it was raining a lot my grandma and me got them in our house and saved them.But 4 of them died in a car accident soon. And 1 of them survived and I name him brownie 😂 Then when kale used to see me on the road or when I used to call him 2 times he ran to our house on his top speed and came to meet me.. We used to have a lot fun. When I used to go to the park he used to come with me and he was a good dog. We used to give him food daily and he used to sleep under the cars. I always miss him a lot 😀 and ik he really loves me too.

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      2. Sad to hear that. It’s been two years, my pet dog Tommy died in a road accident. The dog I have now was brought to me by my cousin after a few days of that accident. He reminds me of my past one.


  1. Oh my god!! I just adore dogs and love them… It pains to read this… Honestly these animals are better company than humans! I hope this stops before it rapidly spreads and extincts dogs (I can’t begin to imagine a world without dogs!!).

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  2. I know I don’t like dogs(or any other animals, for that matter), but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about them! I really hope your dog gets well soon. I wish the same for the other dogs too!
    Hey, and don’t be sad. Nothing will happen to your dog!

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      1. Yeah, they are also living beings after all. Everyone deserves a happy life. Anyways, please don’t cry, is all I can say to you 😟

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  3. Oh that’s too sad…
    I pray that all the brave dogs are saved and they become healthy soon..
    Please do not stress yourself too much everything will be fine *joined hands*

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  4. You’re very brave to write and share this. It’s very important to get the word out about how serious this is to our sweet pets. My prayers are with you and all the puppies who are sick. Please take care Poorwa ❤️

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  5. I’m so sorry about your sweet puppy. Thank you for sharing this heartbreaking story. I know it had to be tough to write about. My husband and I have two dogs we love so much and next week, I’m taking Roxie to the vet because she’s coughing a lot lately. Hopefully, we’ll find out what’s wrong and get her well again. You and your pets are in my thoughts and prayers. ❤

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  6. Poorwa, I am heartbroken reading your post. Please accept my condolences for losing your puppy. I can’t imagine seeing so many dogs dying. You are very courageous to write this post and get the word out. Take care. Scott

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