How it feels like being the youngest in family

In a family, each member is precious and has his/her responsibilities and a special place that can’t be exchanged. Having a family is the greatest thing anyone must be grateful for. I’m the youngest in my family. It goes like this…My dad – Mom – Di (Elder sister) – Bhaiya (Elder brother) – me.

We all stand out in our place. Di is the eldest child so she holds her terror.. no I mean we respect her and it would be absolutely an awesome feeling being the eldest I think. Then my big bro has his charisma, he has one elder and one younger sister by his side all the time. Then comes your favorite… Poorwa, who’s the youngest in her family. So this post is all about how it feels like being the youngest in the family…

You seem the most attractive person in the house to guests

You know when guests ask, “Where’s the youngest?” Parents: “Baby, look aunt’s calling you.” Aunt: “Come here.. come here.. I’ve got a special gift for you. Oh, cutie you’ve so grown from the last time we met……” I think many of you would be familiar with these conversations. When I was a kid, I honestly didn’t like it when we would have guests at home because I was really very shy and I just never wanted to come in front of guests. But as I look back now, it wasn’t that bad that I used to think. It’s good that people notice you and you get so much love from everyone.

Home doesn’t feel like home to others when you’re not there

Well, home doesn’t feel like home if any family member is not present but in this post, I’m only talking about the presence of the youngest but please know that everyone matters.
Whenever I’m not at home, they call me a thousand times and ask the same question in different ways, well just to know that I’m okay or not. And it feels just so good. And when I come home, they take care of me like I’m a queen or something.

Many times you feel… why, why I’m the youngest?

It feels so annoying sometimes being the youngest at home. You get ordered by your siblings for even the smallest thing, and you can’t say something and protest against them. And if you dare to say something, then Mom is not gonna spare you. As the youngest (by the way I’m 15 if you didn’t know), I don’t have a personal phone yet (well I don’t even want one) but when I’m using my sister’s or brother’s phone, they can snatch their thing whenever they like and say… “this much phone time is not good for you my child”. It feels so annoying. And it feels like my opinion doesn’t matter, everyone ignores your opinion and say that what important can a youngest think. Then any younger sister would relate with me, I don’t like to wear my elder sister’s old clothes at home. To all the girls out there who can relate, let’s have a get-together in the comment section.

At last…. You’re so much loved by everyone

Even if your siblings trouble you or tease you, just know how much they love you. And you mean the world for your parents. To your guests, you’re the cutest one out there and you bring happiness to the people around you.

Whether you’re the Mom or the Dad, the eldest or the middle child, or the youngest, just know that your family is incomplete without you. You are loved and love yourself more because of it.

Share your views on this post with me in the comments? How would you describe the life of the youngest in a family?

Thanks for reading!

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46 thoughts on “How it feels like being the youngest in family

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  1. Haha, you have to wear older clothes of your elder sister????!!!!!
    Ummmmmmmm I have an elder brother and I am the youngest one so……….. I have to wear his old clothes 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈 his jeans and all till now!!!!!!!!!!
    Well I relate to this post on god level💟💟💟

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  2. Awww the picture of you is so cutee ☺️This post was interesting to think from someone else’s perspective. I have a younger brother so I’m the oldest child but I actually would rather be the younger one lol. My brother always asks me for help with things and I have to be nicer to him because he is younger than me so I think I’d like to be the youngest child for a day 😂

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  3. The picture of that little Poorwa is adorable 🥰🥰 also, I couldn’t relate to any of these because I am a single child. There doesn’t pass a day without me wishing I had an elder bro😔

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      1. I am not feeling that bad from the past 6/7 months though! I have 7 brothers, who I can proudly call as my own!!💜 But you should know, there’s nothing enjoyable in being alone all the time with no one understanding you. That’s where my blog is helping me a LOT!!

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      2. Oh wow, you know we are 7 sisters and 7 brothers when I count my cousins too (they’re just like my own siblings). Yes I can understand, it must be boring to you, but always know that we’re here for you as your sisters! Keep blogging!

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      3. Hey, I was talking about BTS!! 7 bros 7 members(LOL) and I became an ARMY 6/7 months ago!
        Yeah, I know! Thanks!

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  4. I just love this post! I’m an only child but on my mother’s side of the family I am the youngest out of all my cousins & extended family. Being the youngest cousin definitely had its perk in that I got the most attention. all of my cousins absolutely doted over me and I was probably their favorite. But there were disadvantages too in that they usually thought of me as a baby for longer than they should have.

    great post & I love your new animated logo. Did you use canva?

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    1. Thank you so much!
      We are 7 cousin sisters and 7 cousin brothers when I count my mother’s side of the family and I’m still the youngest. Yes I know how good it feels and relate with the disadvantages too.
      Glad that you like it! Yes I used canva!

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  5. I’m, the youngest, too!! But I think you’ve missed a point- HAND ME DOWNS. I know soooo many people who can’t stand hand me downs, but I LOVE them.
    Great post!!

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