The music chapter of my life…

As you guys know how much music means to me and my love for music artists and songs. Music is one of the things I love the most in this world and really can’t live without. It’s the only thing in this world I’m addicted to.

Music is the thing I feel connected to the most and honestly, music is with me all the time. Songs wake me up every morning, I work on my blog while listening to my playlist of 500 songs, then I help in house-chores playing something energetic on Spotify, I’m always humming Spring Day at school, I even write my assignments while singing and while writing this post I’m listening to Bad Liar by Selena…. and it goes on. So I think now you know the strong bond between me and music! And for this post I thought it’ll be great to share this precious musical chapter of my life, so let’s get started…

The Music Chapter Of My Life…

I remember when I was in primary school, in the name of music I only knew a few poems which I was taught at school like… Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star, Johnny-Johnny Yes PapaMachli Jal Ki Rani Hai (Fish is the queen of water), Haathi Aaya (Elephant came), and many more. We even had choreography for this ‘Haathi Aaya’ one, it’s so funny to remember.

But I still didn’t know anything about music and you know what a 5-year-old kid would be thinking about all these nursery rhymes. (By the way, I was 4 in 1st grade)

Then when I got to middle school, the season on Antakshari began. Well, Antakshari is a popular game in India, in which each contestant sings the first verse of a song that begins with the consonant on which the previous contestant’s song selection ended. And in our class, I was the one to start the game with our favorite lines…

“Antakshari, Antakshari! Shuru karein Antakshari! Lekar Prabhu ka naam, samay bitane ke liye karna hai kuchh kaam!”

(Antakshari, Antakshari! Let’s start Antakshari! Taking the name of God, something has to be done to spend time!)

We had a sequence to start the game and we would always start with the same old song and also stuck at the same moment every time we would play the game. So I only knew some Bollywood songs we used to sing while playing Antakshari. And still, I had no interest in music.

Then when I was in 7th grade I remember Di (elder sister) started to listen to Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Justin Bieber. Baby, Good For You, Love Story, Sun will Rise were the first English songs I ever listened to and I was like… “okay, these are okay” then I was back to normal. (I love these songs by the way)

After a few months, I started to listen to Old Hindi songs and I got lost in those beautiful songs. After that, my views on music completely changed and I started to understand music more deeply.

I found a huge difference between Old Hindi Songs and New Hindi Songs. I don’t like remakes and non-sense lyrics, and unfortunately, that’s what’s happening with New Hindi Songs. Please don’t get offended if you are a fan of New Hindi songs. I’m not talking about all of them, I just want to say my point. It’s not that I don’t like all of the new Hindi songs, I know there are many lovely songs too but more than half of new Bollywood/Hindi songs are not the kind of songs I like to listen to. I love to listen to old ones because of their sweet and true lyrics, melodies, and beautiful voices.

Whenever I watch a music show on TV or YouTube, I just feel so proud…. these are our rising stars and they are going to take our music to the highest. But after the show ends, it’s even hard to find those young artists. I know Indian singers are extremely talented but somehow they are not getting the place they deserve for their hard work. So to my Indian friends, I want to say that if you find such talented artists around you, please support them. Not only to my Indian friends, I think we all should appreciate talented people.

Then because of Di, I got to know more about Pop music and I liked it a lot. From 8th grade, I started to enjoy music much more. I used to listen to Pop English songs and Old Hindi songs, the combination was amazing for me! Then I started to listen to more Pop artists like Ed Sheeran, Demi Lovato, Shawn Mendes, and many more.

I’m a big fan of Barbie songs and it was more fun to sing those songs. Then I came across Little Mix and One Direction. I started to enjoy singing much more and I didn’t even realize how it helped me to improve my English. Di and I love to sing Little Mix songs together, I sing Jade’s and Leigh-Anne’s parts and she sings Perry’s and Jessy’s parts. It became one of the things we love to do the most.

After listening to Little Mix and 1D, Di got interested in bands. We used to listen to Reggaetón Lento by Little Mix and CNCO a lot back then (I still love that song). Then she started to listen to CNCO, she would listen to their songs on repeat a lot, so I also liked their upbeat music.

(Now I’m talking about the time when I had just passed 9th grade) She used to search a lot to discover new bands and it is common if you search for bands, BTS will be there. They attracted her in a second, she watched a few of their music videos and saved some performances in her YouTube library.

Di and I share a bed for centuries, and she doesn’t use her phone in the daytime, so she holds her phone while sleeping and fills her YouTube history by watching her favorite singers.

That’s how I came across BTS. Honestly, at first, I neither liked their music nor the performances. At that time I was inside the language barrier. When I used to see my sister watching those performances on repeat I thought what’s so good in K-pop, you don’t even know what they are saying. Then she made me watch a performance of Spring Day… I was embarrassed to say that I loved this song and the performance too. I said, “I want to see more performances of this song”, so I clicked on this one below because I was curious to know the lyrics. And what happened after watching the eng sub performance, I fell in love with the group. My life also changed in a very positive way and I started blogging.

Then I got curious to learn Korean, so I started to listen to more K-pop artists. Some other K-pop idols I like- SuperM, Aespa, NCT, IU, Red Velvet, Henry, and many more.

So it was all about my music journey. Overall, I listen to Pop, K-pop, Country, and Old Hindi Music the most. I’m working on a blog page, in which there will be different playlists of my favorite songs and also for music videos. I’ll let you know when it’ll be published, I hope you’ll bookmark that page and will visit it often.

Music is one of the things I can’t live without. I got my passion for singing and one day I wish to sing in front of the world. I’m looking forward to creating a YouTube channel after I’ll complete school, in which I’ll cover songs and maybe someday I’ll make my music too. I don’t know it’s just a dream.

Share ‘The Music Chapter of Your Life’ with me in the comments. Who are your favorite music artists? Do you also think music has no language barrier?

Thanks for reading!

49 thoughts on “The music chapter of my life…

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  1. It’s so happy to hear a multifandom girl especially from India 🇮🇳
    Definitely music and love has no language barrier, fight me!! ❤️💜
    All the artists you’ve mentioned are so damn talented and have got beautiful voices. I came to know about little mix because of you!! They are fabulous 🎶
    I hope our country sees talent instead of judging people by their looks in future!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Amazing post Poorwa!!!!
    It just reminded me of my childhood…poems like ‘Bandar Mama’ and ‘Aloo Kachaloo’ were AMAZING!!(Though I laugh a lot when I listen to them now)
    Little Mix is AMAZING!!!!!It’s so great to meet people who follow so many fandoms!
    Black Magic is one of my favorite Little Mix well as Little Me and Woman like Me
    The first BTS song I heard was ‘Idol’…When I was watching the MV for the first time I thought all of them are siblings cause they looked alike a lot…I could only differentiate RM and Jungkook and the rest seemed to have the same face..(Now I realize they are unique and different in their own way!)

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Music has no language barrier!! I listen to Amr Diab, Hussain al Jassmi, Rached al Majed and others!! It was great to read the musical chapter of your life Poorwa!! Great post

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Woah!!! Awesome post🤩!!! Waiting for that page! Also, have you heard ‘Tera Chehra’ by Adnan Sami? It’s pretty old too and it’s one of my all time favourites🤍🖤! And I know, many other awesome k-pop groups are there, but you know what? I’m very very very very very loyal to BTS💜! I just can’t bring myself to listen to any other k-pop groups. Also, I love Taylor Swift, Alan Walker and Why Don’t We! (There are many more pop singers I love, but these are everlove💕💕!!!)
    (PS- there’s no word called everlove! I just created it 😂)

    Liked by 4 people

      1. I know they are amazing! But it’s only BTS for me. You know, like how first love is always so much more special. It might be take me sometime to open up to the others

        Liked by 2 people

  5. This post was so interesting to kind of learn about like your music journey and how it changed or stayed the same! It’s also super cool that english music helped you learn english a bit. Haha I already know I like basically all the same singers as you, like Little Mix (but you already know that lol) , One Direction, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. The first singer I remember being a fan of was Taylor Swift because I just remember watching her music videos on youtube 😂 but it’s awesome because I still enjoy her music ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Old hindi songs….I finally found someone who likes them as well.
    And yeah, the new hindi songs are almost all trashy but then some of them are really good with meaningful lyrics.

    And yes music has no barrier!!

    Liked by 1 person

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