The right path

On the way of life
You have to see your goals clear
Doesn't matter if you're stuck now
Someday time will lead you there

If you want to reach the peak
Don't be scared from height
Don't be scared from fallling
If you want to fly high

It's okay if they praise you
Should be okay if they curse you
Become stronger with your every step 
Mistakes will be gonna teach you too

Don't give up, never stop and go on
Magic will happen like those fairytales

You know we choose our own heroes
Up to you, it's you or someone else.


Hey friends! I hope you liked reading my small verse. Thanks for reading. I just stopped by to make a quick announcement about my blogging schedule. Since I got my time-table for my final exams, I’m making a very small change. I just changed the days when there won’t be any new posts. So my new schedule is…

New posts everyday except Wednesdays and Saturdays at 4:00 PM IST. (I know it’s Saturday today but we will continue according to our new schedule from now on)

One more thing: I’m open for guest posts on my blog, so if you are interested feel free to contact me via:

30 thoughts on “The right path

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  1. Hey poorwa you asked me to review ur poems too!! πŸ˜€β€οΈ Well I am honoured to do that… Well you see your poem is marvellous but I advice you to try making your poems rhyming. Your theme is wonderful as always and I feel that sometimes you run out of words to rhyme your poem don’t you? Cause this happens with me. Try going to Google and type rhyming words with suppose let’s take Bat. And there you can always use new profound words to improve your vocabulary and make your poem eye catching.. (don’t take it in any bad way! Like I always say. I love poetry and can help anyone to improve and be the best) 😊

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