Review: ‘Justice’ Album by Justin Bieber

Hey wishes! Today I’m gonna review Justin Bieber’s brand new album ‘Justice’, released on March 19, 2021. I’m only reviewing Justice standard edition tracks (16 tracks), not the Triple Chucks Deluxe with 6 new songs, which was released on March 26, 2021. As you know I’m not a big fan of Justin Bieber but no one can deny that his songs are just awesome, with fantastic lyrics. And I love them so much! So let’s start the review…

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Genre: Pop

2 Much – Justin Bieber

The intro of this song is a line by Martin Luther King Jr. – “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”, which I think is the theme of this album (I love it!). While listening to this song, it suddenly reminded me of Lose you to love me by Selena. Overall, it’s a very nice song, the lyrics are very good and it’s beautiful to sing, especially the pre-chorus part is lovely.

Deserve You – Justin Bieber

I’m in love with Verse 1 and 2, but I think that Chorus could be better, you know when he sings- “I don’t deserve you tonight”, this part. Very nice beats as always I find in Justin’s songs. I recommend you to try listening to this song, I’m sure you’ll love the Verse parts and maybe like this song a lot.

As I Am – Justin Bieber (feat. Khalid)

Okay, you must listen to this song. It’s about being thankful to someone who’s been staying by your side even in your worst times and asking that someone to accept me as I am. 2nd Verse is my favorite, which is sung by Khalid, Pre-chorus and Chorus parts are really touching and Bridge is awesome with best lyrics and touch of rap. I love this song!

Off My Face – Justin Bieber

I should call this one- Acoustic Beauty! The whole song is beautiful, Bridge is very catching, and the vocals are lovely. I’m sure you’ll like it!

Holy – Justin Bieber (feat. Chance The Rapper)

I love the song and I love the MV. Lyrics- awesome, Beats- awesome, Vocals- awesome! Chorus is so catching and rap part is also very good, the last two lines of Verse 3 are touching, which says…

“I know I ain’t leavin’ you like I know He ain’t leavin’ us (Ah)
I know we believe in God, and I know God believes in us”

Unstable – Justin Bieber (feat. The Kid LAROI)

I think it could be better with vocals but I have to say that lyrics… wow. And the chorus has stuck in my head since I listened to it, which says…

“Yeah, you loved, yeah, you loved
Yeah, you loved me when I was unstable
Never judged, never judged
Never judged me when I was unable
To love myself, to trust myself
Yeah, you loved, yeah, you loved
Yeah, you loved me when I was unstable”

So yeah, it’s recommended!

MLK Interlude

Spoken words by Martin Luther King Jr., which I want you guys to listen to and let me know how you like it in the comments.

Die For You – Justin Bieber (feat. Dominic Fike)

If beats could be a bit low, then I think this song would be better. This one is okay but I don’t like it a lot. But you can try listening to it because you know, we all have different tastes.

Hold On – Justin Bieber

I was waiting for this song to come, you know since I’ve watched the MV. I think Justin is also a very good actor, his performance in Holy and Hold On is amazing. Hold on is my favorite song from this album. Chorus is really fantastic and the lyrics are also great. You must listen to this song and also watch the mv, especially the chorus part, which says…

“I need you to hold on
Heaven is a place not too far away
We all know I should be the one
To say we all make mistakes (We all make mistakes)
Take my hand and hold on
Tell me everything that you need to say
‘Cause I know how it feels to be someone (Someone)
Feels to be someone who loses their way”

Somebody – Justin Bieber

It’s a catchy song with high beats and good lyrics. I want to share my favorite lyrics from this song here…

“In a world that’s spinnin’, it ain’t easy lettin’ go
Eight billion people, we just lookin’ for a hand to hold
Everybody’s tryna find someone to hold on to (Hold on to)” [Verse 1]

“It’s okay, it’s okay
We all try to pretend that we’re brave
When I’m weak, yeah, I’m strong
‘Cause of you at the end of the day” [Pre-chorus]

“Everybody needs somebody (Everybody needs somebody)
Somebody to remind you that you’re not alone
Who gon’ defend you likе an army (Gon’ defend you like an army)
And nеver let go (Never let go)
Yeah, everybody needs somebody (Everybody needs somebody)
Somebody to wake up to when everyone’s gone
So if you need me, then you got me (If you need me, then you got me)
I’ll be the shoulder you cry on” [Chorus]

Ghost – Justin Bieber

Justin’s vocals are just awesome in this one. I want to hear it without any music lol, just an acoustic version is needed.

Peaches – (feat. Daniel Caesar & Giveon)

It’s a fun song and you may really like it a lot!

Love You Different – Justin Bieber (feat. BEAM)

It isn’t the kind of song what I usually like. So I can’t really say… let’s move on to the next one.

Loved By You – Justin Bieber (feat. Burna Boy)

I’m quite confused with this one, you know I like this song but the lyrics are something like- I’m nothing without you… but that’s okay, it’s a good song and I like to sing the chorus part a lot.

Anyone – Justin Bieber

I’m in love with Chorus of this song and Justin’s vocals are so good in this song. Lyrics are also wonderful!

Lonely – Justin Bieber (with benny blanco)

Sad lyrics expressing his life, it’s such an emotional and deep song with a hidden lesson that fame is not everything. I love this song.

[Verse 1]
“Everybody knows my name now
But somethin’ ’bout it still feels strange
Like lookin’ in a mirror, tryna steady yourself
And seein’ somebody else
And everything is not the same now
It feels like all our lives have changed
Maybe when I’m older, it’ll all calm down
But it’s killin’ me now”

“What if you had it all
But nobody to call?
Maybe then you’d know me
‘Cause I’ve had everything
But no one’s listening
And that’s just fuckin’ lonely”

So that’s it! My reviews…

⭐4 out of 5!

It was a great album!

My favorite song- Hold On

Favorite lyrics- Lonely

I love lyrics the most in this album, and what to say about vocals… lovely! I really recommend you to listen to this album. It’s awesome!

Have you listened to Justice? What are your views on this album? Was this review helpful to you?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Okay so…..WE ARE TWINS!!!
    I had no idea that you would also be reviewing Justice…(tho I only reviewed peaches)!!!
    That’s a really good post and Justice is an amazing album!!!!
    I loved Hold On,Somebody,Peaches and Love You Different!!

    Liked by 1 person

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