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Any Assumptions?

Hey wishes! Let’s do this fun round again! We’ve got many new followers on the blog since we did this post back in January, so it’s gonna be special. Drop your assumptions about me below in the comment section and I’ll answer them in my next post, which will be posted on Thursday! So let’s see what you guys assume about me (It’s gonna be fun!)…

And one more thing, which has nothing to do with this post but I have to mention. I just read a blog post that left my blood boiling, it was about how you should copy other bloggers/writers and how easy it is, and it’s even okay to add copyright to that content which you copied. So now I think you also want to report that post right? Click here

47 thoughts on “Any Assumptions?

Add yours

      1. I forgot to do this one, but you have an older brother and you are the youngest in the family and you like barbie movies because you find them beautiful and you like the songs? Also, your favourite disney movies are tangled and frozen. And you like, Ladu, Galub Chaman ( i know about these deserts because there in dubai), Jalebi, Faluda, and pistachio kulfi or the vanilla one right. These desserts are all over dubai and thats basically why i know about them

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  1. Lets see…
    You love k-pop!(ofcourse u do) what silly things am I asking? πŸ˜‚
    don’t consider this a q.s

    1. You love swimming
    2. You haven’t read any book of Roald Dahl
    3. You sing very good

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