A Haunted Song – Short Story

Du..du..du.. you and I… two girls one life… we’ll always be together… won’t leave each other even against our will… two girls one life.. you and I… du.. du.. du..

“Kuku, just throw that dirty doll in the dustbin. Papa will buy you a new one in the town dear. Hurry up, or we’ll be late.”

“Okay Mom, just one minute,” Kuku replied. She is sad because they are shifting to a new town, and her Mom won’t allow her to keep Betty with her.

“I’m sorry Betty, I don’t know what’s wrong with mom. I have to leave you here but always remember our song. I’ll never forget you Bet…

Kuku ran away leaving her doll in the dustbin and sat in the car. She was depressed leaving her doll behind, which she had 7 years ago as her first present by her parents.

7 years later…

A girl who might be around 20 is standing in front of an old house. It’s been an hour; she is staring at a rusty dustbin and holding the old wooden gate of the house.

She’s Kuku! Since the day she left her old house, she’s been having the same dream about her childhood memories with her doll Betty, every night.

Kuku finally steps inside and without blinking an eye she goes and sits in front of the rusty dustbin.

“Look Betty, I’m here now. You missed me a lot right? I’m sorry I couldn’t come to you fast, but we’re not alone anymore. There’s no one left who would stop me to come to you. People say you killed everyone slowly and made their life like hell but I know they all lie, Betty.. my life was hell without you for those past 10 years. I knew that you would be waiting for me under this tree on this dustbin where we got separated. I’m here now and I promise I’ll never leave you.”

A piece of newspaper is wandering in the street. It reads, “a cursed doll named Betty has killed everyone near the old house. People say that they hear someone’s voice coming from the old house and they believe that it’s the cursed doll who used to sing that melody with her owner Kuku. When Kuku’s parents realized that the doll is cursed they decided to leave the town. But nothing changed….”

Alarm clock rings- “7 am- 7 am. Kuku, it’s time to wake up.”

“Happy Birthday to you.. happy birthday to you.” Little Kuku wakes up, it’s her birthday today. Her parents bring her a cake and also a present.

Kuku takes a deep breath and realizes that it was only a dream.

“Look dear, we’ve got a special gift for you.”

Kuku is excited and happy about her gift.

“Yay.. I am Betty! Kuku’s new friend! You know Betty can even sing, see…”

“Du..du..du.. you and I… two girls one life… we’ll always be together… won’t leave

each-other even against our will… two girls one life.. you and I… du.. du.. du..”


Hey guys! So finally, I tried to write a short story for the first time. You know how much I love horror stories, I already knew that if I would ever try writing a short story it will be something creepy for sure. I got inspired by Vani Di just so much that I couldn’t help myself. But I know that I have to improve very much, so I want your feedback on how can I improve it, especially from Vani Di. So let me know how you liked it!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Great post Poorwa!! You should do more short stories like this!! Maybe add a bit more suspense or a cliffhanger at the end but apart from that it’s amazing!!

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  2. Oh my, 😮😮😮😮 you did a great job here poorwa 👏👏👏 especially the ending is 😱😱😱…
    And this is so sweet of you to call out my name for inspiration but I guess you are talented enough to pull out many good stories like these ❤❤❤

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  3. Poorwa that person that did that post about plagiarism had the cheek to comment on my blog and by the way he replied to your comment

    This is what he said

    Fascinating blog of hope and encouragement. I won’t be copying the survey sadly. I usually use things from my head. Good luck and I truly hope you win awards, and above all, inspire!

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      1. You know one more thing is quite irritating me these days. One blogger spamming my comments. I mean he’s liking my comments on other sites and it’s making my notification panel a mess. I’m gonna talk to him. What do you think about this?

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      2. He kept liking my posts and stuff and commenting I hate bloggers spamming my notifications but sometimes they like my content and fill out the form on every post. I HATE HiM. He had the cheek to comment on my blog and he said ‘I won’t be copying the survey sadly I get my ideas out my head’. Poorwa go to talk to him and talk some sense into him please

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      3. OMG do not get me started on him he likes all my comments on Pooja’s six word stories and everything literally it’s like he is stalking me on WP I am gonna go talk to Raj he is so annoying like literally I. Checked my blog notifications this morning and he literally liked all my comments on other blog and he liked all my posts

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      4. It’s not a wrong thing I like peoples comments if I agree with their comment or just because it’s a really good comment built liking people’s comments too much is spamming. Ikr he is not even commenting on your posts or following you, we should report him to WP for spamming too or send an email with a. Screenshot of his notifications because he is making me annoyed now

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