Things I Love And Hate About Summer

Hey everyone It’s summer time in India now. I’m not a big fan of this season (well I’m not a big fan of any season) but I like it the same as I like other seasons, just a little bit more than the rainy season. I’ve already told you that I don’t have a favorite season and it doesn’t take me a while to get bored of the current one. I’m always like when this season will change, in winter I waited every single day for Spring, then between February and March, I looked forward to Summer. And finally, it’s here now! Don’t worry Rain, I’ll be calling you in a month.

Every season has its own pros and cons, so let’s take a look at Summer’s…

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Things I Love And Hate About Summer

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Things I hate:

Skin irritation

I really really hate it! And I’m always afraid in Spring that Summer will be coming again and I’ll be doomed. My skin is too sensitive to fight with this season. And heat rashes are always so annoying.

Extra heat

Cold is much better for me than Summer’s heat. Sweat annoys me just so much but my body seems like it really loves to get wet in sweat. And it gets worse during exam days, even if you’re sitting in the exam hall full of fans but you know, if I’m having trouble with a question which I studied so badly but forgot during the exam, my face gets full of sweat.

It makes me sleepy

It doesn’t matter how much I try not to sleep during the day, I loose. I really don’t like to waste my time in sleeping, especially during day time. I know it feels so good and relaxing but when I wake up in evening, I feel so frustrated that I wasted my whole day sleeping. I could write a post or work on my blog or study, but no, I sleep.

Things I love:

Mangoes, Watermelons and Ice-cream

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Ah mangoes…. my favorite fruit! We have a mango tree and it’s literally the best. Then what to say about watermelons! And you already know how much I like desserts, especially ice-cream. And summer is the best to enjoy these tasty fruits and cold desserts.

Free time

Summer holidays!!! It’s the best time to do fun activities at home with enough and enough time in your hands. And the best thing is that I like to read and study in my free time, so it’s great.

Playing Chess

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I’m most confident in playing Chess than other games or sports. And these days we have a chess addiction; we play all day long and don’t get bored. The first advantage that it helps me to reduce my screen time and it’s good for the brain to play chess people say.

So that’s it! I couldn’t write more because you know I really don’t care about the season haha. I would have written swimming in the things I love but I can’t swim and I don’t even have a beach in my neighborhood so…

What are the things you love or hate about Summer? Let me know your views on this post.

Thanks for reading!

45 thoughts on “Things I Love And Hate About Summer

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  1. Summer in the uae 🇦🇪 is the best!! Summer here starts ok the last 2 weeks of april so it’s soon!! There are so many things to do in the uae and one of my favourite things is to
    Go shopping because dubai summer surprises happens every summer from July the 9th to august 20th and is the best!! I also love going to water parks and having ice cream!!

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  2. Sleep is not a bad thing! Don’t regret sleeping. You might never be able to sleep so much in the future. Sleep whenever you can when you can!!!!!! And ahhh! Awesome post!!! Very relatable!!! But I love winter the most!!! And ice cream tastes better during winter but ahhh ice cream tastes even better during summer!!

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    1. True Pannaga!! Ice cream is the best in the summer!! Here in the uae the Sunrise is like 5 in the morning and it always makes me up sometimes when I sleep I wake up at like 9 so I try to avoid sleep in the summer.

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  3. Just have the two dry and two wet seasons in the tropics, Uganda. But of late(last few years), it’s a great balance of rain and sun. We do have seasons, but it’s more a global adaptation than weather change tho June, July, August are usually dry season

    On the plus side, it’s never too hot, or too cold. Amongst other things, we are coined the Pearl of Africa because of our balanced temperatures and reliable rainfall.

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  4. You and I are alike, Poorwa! Just a month after a start of a season, I start to get bored of it and wait for the next season. XD

    Yes, mangoes and ice cream are the best in the Summer! (That’s mostly the reason why I love it so much.) And, yes! The summer holidays are the best, they really give you a lot of time to yourself! 😀

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