5 Things Every New Blogger Must Know

There are many mistakes I’ve made when I was new to the blogging world. I don’t regret them because I don’t think making mistakes is wrong at all but it would be a dream come true if I could change my mindset back then. I’m not a pro blogger but it’s been a year I started blogging and I have learned quite a lot as a blogger and I’m still learning every day. So I thought to write a post that can be helpful to bloggers who are new to the community and fun to read for everyone.

5 Things You Must Know As A New Blogger

You are not judged by the number of followers you have

Blogging community is always so supportive and friendly. We don’t notice how many followers you have but how your content is and how you are. I can say this thing being so confident because I was myself very shocked when I realized it. The very first followers on my blog were travel bloggers who had thousands of followers on their blog and I was confused that how can they follow me, I mean look at their amazing blogs and mine is nothing. Yeah, I was wrong and it was obvious for a girl like me who knew nothing about this lovely community. So never let this thing come to mind that you don’t have lots of followers, it truly doesn’t matter and no one judges you for that.

Community is one of the most important things when it comes to blogging

I was not confident or I should say that I was afraid to communicate with other bloggers like they would eat me out of the screen. But just like the thing that no one judges you by the number of followers, there is no harm in making your community and lovely friends. And I don’t think you’ll have any fun in blogging if you don’t be a part of the community. Community means that you have a group of people you can talk to, they don’t hesitate to support and you too shouldn’t. Talk with your readers and be friendly to them, who are there to read your content and to be your support.

Be a reader too

It’s my personal opinion which I think is very important. Just like you want them to read your posts, they also like to have someone to read their posts. There are millions of fantastic bloggers and blogs out there, so no lack of posts which you’ll like to read. And honestly, I give more time to read than writing because it’s fun and I just get to learn so many things. I feel grateful to the bloggers I follow since they give their readers such great content. And I know you understand this thing very well because you’ve read my post this long and I’m so thankful for this. You know there are two sides of a coin, just like that as a blogger where you must write… you must read too.

You’re best yourself

Have fun with what you’re doing and be proud of yourself. That’s how you make friends and feel comfortable. Be nice and you don’t have to agree with others all the time, you have your own choices and opinions. Don’t hide what you like just because you think one of your readers wouldn’t like it, there are many people who will share similar interests with you and they will be your readers. And you’ll realize it’s the best to be yourself.

Take it easy and have fun

Never let blogging pressure you. Your readers won’t leave you if you couldn’t post one day or miss one of their posts. It’s okay to take a break when you don’t get enough motivation to blog or for any reason. Have fun with what you are doing because it’s not a competition with other bloggers. We support each other! They celebrate with me whenever I achieve a blogging milestone and I feel so glad when they achieve something.

Being a blogger is a wonderful feeling. I know sometimes it can be a little bit annoying but we’ll talk about it some other day, if someone who is reading this wants to start a blog… go for it! You won’t regret blogging at all! I hope this post was helpful to new bloggers and fun to read for all my readers.

What advice you would give to a new blogger? How long it’s been since you started blogging? Let me know your views on this post in the comment section.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Be a reader too! Yes that’s like the best advice! To know new people you have to read their posts and give feedback on them
    Very helpful post poorwa!

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  2. Be a reader too is amazing advice!!! A blogger must also know to user internal linking so Google and readers can navigate the site. Lovely post as always Poorwa ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  3. A really great post! When I started blogging I thought a good number of followers means a great blog. But as I was beginning to gain some experience, I realized it is all about quality of the content we post and how well we interact with our fellow bloggers.

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    1. That’s really true Yuvi, even if you write a super long post with spelling errors and all sorts it matters about the quality of the content not the quantity. Interacting other bloggers is really Important too 😊

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      1. Yep absolutely those are really key tips for bloggers 🙂 I just wanted to say that i loved your blog post ideas on your latest post 🙂🙂🙂💗

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  4. Hey Poorwa I just wanted to say that I loved your sister Rayna’s blog I was reading it and her words are so beautiful of your wondering how I found it I was going through one of your posts and you reblogged one of her amazing posts ❤️❤️

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  5. It’s been 11 months since I started blogging. Like you, I also thought that bloggers who has big following won’t support us. But later realized that I was wrong. I love how wordpress community support each other. One advice I give for New bloggers is to Be consistent.

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  6. Be a reader too. Yeah that’s most important. I rarely make posts now and I don’t visit any blog. It’s been long since I was active on WP.

    I am now writing and reading some novels on mangatoon&noveltoon. Reading comics and manga there is fun. As well as I need concentrate on becoming an signed author on mt&nt. But still WP is best when it comes to knowledge. Just this post of yours.

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  7. Great advice! I used to not communicate with others too – finding it odd to do. But the friends you make here are the ones that keep you glued to blogging.
    Advice – don’t be jealous of someone else’s success. Just do your best and trust that you’ll find your blogging fam soon. ❤️

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  8. Being able to interact with you when I started blogging gave me the motivation I needed! You were one of the first bloggers I got to talk to and I think that helped me a lot. Communicating with fellow bloggers really does help, especially when someone is still starting out, and I really appreciate that support ✨

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