5 Stereotypical Assumptions People Have Of Me

Making assumptions about others is a human thing and if you know a person who never assumes anything about anyone, then that person is probably a robot or an alien. We assume a million things about the people we know and we think our assumptions are true but…. we can’t be right always. It’s fun to know what people assume about us, just like we have done two assumptions round on this blog and it was so fun for me to answer your assumptions about me, and I was so glad to find most of them are true. But unlike what happens on my blog, in real life, people have some assumptions (there would be just so many but I don’t know all of them) about me which are absolutely not true at all, and today I’m gonna share 5 Stereotypical Assumptions People Have Of Me.

(I was inspired by Shelly and Olivia to do this post, so don’t forget to check out their blogs.)

I don’t laugh much

Except for my close friends, every student (also teachers) thinks I don’t laugh much. I knew about this thing when I don’t know why I was laughing like crazy in our classroom and my classmate said, “Are you okay? You never laugh.” And not only was he, my whole classroom in shock watching me laugh like that. I can understand why they have this false assumption about me because in school I only stay with my friends or alone on my desk talking to the student on the next desk or singing and sleeping or studying, so other students might not know about my real personality. Only my close friends and family members know how much I laugh and can even win a laughing competition when I come on my own.  

I’m not athletic

Why people think someone who is good at studying is not athletic? People think I don’t like sports and am not athletic, but that’s not true at all. I know I don’t play a lot and don’t have much interest in sports but I want to say to those people that I was our kho-kho team’s captain in middle school and also our volleyball team’s captain in 9th grade. I’ve even played cricket many times and I love playing badminton. I’m a nice runner too but after running I feel like passing out, so I don’t like it.

I’m a good cook

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

Okay, so this one makes me laugh. If you also think that I’m a great cook or have any good relationship with kitchen… I’m sorry, I’m terrible at cooking. I haven’t ever ruined the kitchen with my experiments but my mom, sister, and brother seem terrified when they see me in the kitchen. But there are two things… I’m the best at making tea and omelet, no one can beat me (*proud*)!

I don’t have any relation with music

Wait… let me come back into my senses. I’m not lying, people seriously think I don’t have any interest in music. That’s the biggest joke I’ve ever heard. So let me clear it that the thing I have the strongest relationship with is music, alright!? I talk about music only at my home and in the blogosphere, I don’t talk about music with my friends because they are still in the language barrier and listen to only Hindi songs, I mean there’s nothing wrong with it but you know music has no language barrier and it’s so true.

I’m very calm and quiet

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on Pexels.com

I don’t talk a lot, only with my family and friends. But that doesn’t mean I’m very calm and quiet in every situation. You might not know but I’m a short-tempered person and get angry easily. And I can’t tolerate anything nonsense around me, so it’s not easy for anyone to stop me in those situations.

So these were some false assumptions people have of me. I don’t have any problem with these assumptions as they don’t affect me in any way but sometimes make me laugh, so that’s okay.

What are some stereotypical assumptions people have of you? Let me know your views on this post in the comment section.

Thanks for reading!


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48 thoughts on “5 Stereotypical Assumptions People Have Of Me

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  1. True, we always make assumptions and this will never change. The important thing is to know that assumptions don’t mean that they are necessarily tight but just assumptions and knowing how to deal with assumptions made about us is important, especially the false ones so that they do not affect us. An interesting list you have especially the one on cooking.

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  2. Lol, I can totally see people having these assumptions about you. But the music one! 😶
    I kinda always guessed you’d be short tempered so I’m glad I ain’t wrong 😁.
    Also, if I think about what people assume about me, I guess the most stereotypical thing might be that they think I’m predictable? I’ve never really done an assumptions post so I don’t really know much of what people think, but some definitely easily make assumptions about me and some say I’m predictable, which kinds really annoys me sometimes, coz it feels so much like an insult even if it may not be. Like they act as if they know how I’m feeling……it ain’t even really an assumption but it annoys me 🤷🏻.
    Anyways, nice post. A good idea, I should do one like this 😂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks lol😂
      Yeah ikr! Sometimes assumptions can be so annoying. We can’t exactly know what the other is thinking or feeling, so I can’t say you’re predictable 🙂
      Thanks! You should do one like this, it’ll be fun to see what people assume about you!

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  3. People do make assumptions about others too quickly. I can relate with you to the music part. Just because I don’t talk with my friends about tamil or Hindi music they think I don’t have any interest in it.
    My list can be pretty endless so I’ll just mention one – I hate to talk with people.
    Yes, you heard it right. As an introvert I’ve heard this stereotypical assumption a lot of times. To be honest, I love to speak with others. If you say this to my friends and family, they would have probably laughed at this statement. Once you know me, I’ll be the most talkative person you’ve ever met 😂

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    1. Exactly! My music taste doesn’t match with my friends so they think I have no interest in it.
      People have that assumption about me too. I can talk for hours with the person I’m comfortable with and who has same interests like me🙂

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  4. This was super fun because I got to know you better! People in my school assume that I’m not athletic, that I go home and just study, and that I’m super shy (which I am at school but anywhere else you can usually find me embarrassing my friends XD)

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  5. What a fun post Poorwa!! People assume that since I am Arab and Emirati I can not speak English and some other people assume that I love 💗 spicy foods when I do. And also people assume that I love music

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  6. Ah, I agree with you, so much, Poorwa!! People always have really random assumptions about me that can sometimes make me uncomfortable. Like once, my friend asked me if I was depressed because I’m always so quiet. The assumptions people make about you are so relatable. I’m just glad I’m not the only one! 🙂

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  7. Listen buli (feels so weird 😂) this person Eesh had made a post! Check it out! I kinda think he is telling the truth! Can we talk about it a bit?

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