A Thank You Letter To My Body

Hey everyone! Today I’m gonna do something really special. Ang is the creator of this fantastic challenge, and thanks to Shelly and D, I got to know about it. I liked their posts a lot and decided to participate in it. And I want you to check out three of their posts I’ve linked here, you’ll really love their words. Then I invite you all to join this challenge and write a thank you letter to your dear body, and if you do please don’t forget to link back to Ang.

A Thank You Letter To My Body

My dear body,

It feels like the first time I’m actually talking to you. It’s been 15 years, we got together. Our relation is like those two people who love each other but never say. I know it must be irritating to you to hold my crazy brain all the time. I trouble you just so much but you always protect me. I’m sorry because of the problems you have to face because of me, all the pain you endure whenever I do something stupid. I don’t let you rest enough and even right now, I’m hitting these fingers hard on the keyboard. I really make you suffer a lot.

I’m sorry for the pain you had when I slipped, I’m sorry for the pain you had when I made you bleed, I’m sorry for the day you fainted because of me, I’m sorry for the day when I wasted your tears, I’m sorry the times I didn’t care for you when you needed it, I’m sorry for the day when I blamed you because of someone else… there are countless memories I have to say sorry to you for, especially for the times I said I hated you. I’ll always be grateful to those 7 people who taught me to love myself, who taught me to love you.

I love the way you love me, just like I need you, you also need me. I have realized you are the best for me, please you too accept me. Every day when I look in the mirror, I never say what I feel but I hope you understand that I love you. Thank you for everything, I’m not gonna do something like a promise that I won’t trouble you, of course I will, every day, all the time and you have no right to say anything, okay!? Just know what I feel for you, I want to live inside your beautiful cage forever.


Don’t forget to link back to me if you join this writing challenge. Tell me in the comment how you feel thankful to your body.

Thanks for reading!

47 thoughts on “A Thank You Letter To My Body

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      1. Thank you ♥️

        No not in WordPress premium. Actually Handel WordPress from my phone. So I have this all called imovies! So I can convert my audio into this video with no background

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  1. Such a beautiful thought…..how did you come up with this. You’re such a sweet creative genius. I really enjoyed reading this post of yours. It made me smile….

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  2. Poorwa! I can’t believe I never saw the link back to my site. I’m only now seeing this 😅.

    Your letter is so lovely and heartfelt. I can tell you’ve dealt with a lot of pain, even though you’re still so young. I’m glad you’re able to see the beauty in what your body can do.

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