Future Nostalgia by Dua Lipa: Album Review With Saumya

Hey everyone! So here is another album review but this time it’s something special. Saumya@ Draw-Write-Inspire and I are coming up together for this collab post, today we’ll be reviewing Dua Lipa’s album ‘Future Nostalgia (The Moonlight Edition) released on February 11, 2021. The Moonlight Edition has 19 songs, so in this post, I’ll review 9 of them and Saumya is reviewing the first 10 songs on her blog, so to check out the other half of this collab, check out Saumya’s blog. And also give her a follow if you haven’t already, she has an amazing blog!

And for the review, let’s get started…

Genre: Dance-pop, Electro-pop, Nu-disco, Pop-funk, and Synth-pop

Boys Will Be Boys – Dua Lipa

If you haven’t listened to this song yet, just play the 11th track of the playlist above. It’s a must-listen, ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ details just what it’s like being a girl and having to “avoid confrontation from men and “avoid sexual harassment”. It’s a great song. And the bridge, what to say…

“If you’re offended by this song
You’re clearly doing something wrong
If you’re offended by this song
Then you’re probably saying
Boys will be, boys will be
Boys will be, boys will be boys
But girls will be women”

Fever – Dua Lipa & Angèle

Because of this song I got to know what is called Refrain in a song. Coming to the point, I’m not a big fan of the Chorus but I like 2nd Verse a lot which is in French by Angèle. Then I liked the Refrain part, which is also in French, which says…

“Because in my eyes, you can see it
The fever in the eyes, yeah, you can see it
My heart tightens, there’s fire in my voice
Most of the times, it happens when I think of you”

We’re Good – Dua Lipa

I really like the music video of We’re Good. Beats are very nice and also the lyrics. My favorite part is the Pre-chorus, which says…

“I think it’s pretty plain and simple, we gave it all we could
It’s time I wave goodbye from the window
Let’s end this like we should and say we’re good”

Prisoner – Miley Cirus (feat. Dua Lipa)

It’s not the kind of song that I usually like, it’s just too much like Boom Boom but I have to say their voices sound so powerful together. The music video is also not my type, so I can’t say I liked it.

If It Ain’t Me – Dua Lipa

This song has nice dancing vibes and ad-libs are also great. I love the way she sings “wow”, my favorite part is the 1st Verse, yes I like the lyric which says…

“I bet we’re higher than the people on Cloud 9
This connection got me feeling like I’ve known you my whole life, wow
Even our shadows know each other in the light
So why do I think of losing you when you’re right by my side? Uh”

That Kind Of Woman – Dua Lipa

I love this song! It’s great to sing along with and love the background music. I’m sure you’ll like it! My favorite part is the chorus of course, which says…

“I’ll be the first to say, “Baby, what’s your name?”
‘Cause I want ya, that kind of woman
Hard to pretend, now I can’t sit still, let me show ya
That kind of woman (Woman)
(That kind of woman, woman; that kind of woman)
Hard to pretend, now I can’t sit still any longer
That kind of woman”

Not My Problem – Dua Lipa (feat. JID)

It’s a fun song to listen to but I think chorus could be a bit better. It’s a song with a direct meaning that do whatever you want, I don’t care and I liked it. You’ll like the lyrics much more when your mind is having a blast, I love this line a lot- “Now it’s my turn to bite back (I’ve had enough)”. 1st Verse is my favorite part of this song, which says…

“Pulling me down like an anchor
Sayin’ it’s my fault, you’re angered
Telling me no one will love me (Watch your mouth)
Telling me I’m gon’ be lonely
(Watch me, watch me, watch me, watch me now)
You and me on for a good run
Thinking that you were a good one
Under your palm, yeah, you like that (What the fuck?)
Now it’s my turn to bite back (I’ve had enough)”

Levitating – Dua Lipa (feat. DaBaby)

Okay so I was waiting for this one. It’s absolutely my favorite song of this album. It has great dancing vibes and always lights up my mood. Music video is also nice and I like the rap part too. If you haven’t listened to this song yet, you’re really missing out, I’m sure you’ll like it! Still if you want my favorite lines, here you go…

“If you’re feeling like you need a little bit of company
You met me at the perfect time”

Un día (One Day) – J Balvin, Dua Lipa, Bad Bunny, Tainy

I love the background music and it was exciting to listen to it for the first time because there are four great artists behind it. Lyrics are really beautiful, I love this song! It’s a must-listen! My favorite part is the chorus again, and I especially love these lines a lot…

“One day you’ll love me again
One day you’ll realize I’m more than your lover
I’m more than your lover, I’m your friend”

Beautiful! Isn’t it?

My Thoughts…

⭐3.8 out of 5 (I’m not rating the full album since I reviewed only 9 tracks here. Remember it’s only half of this collab, you have to check out Saumya’s post too)

My Favorite Song: Levitating

Favorite Lyrics: Boys Will Be Boys

I always call Dua Lipa ‘Life of the party’, I mean her songs are always so cheerful and with great beats. Don’t forget to check out the other half of this collab here, because it’s not the complete review, Saumya is reviewing the first 10 tracks of this album and I’m sure you’ll like her post. Thanks for the opportunity of doing this collab with you Saumya, I really had fun. Actually, Ananya was also a part of this collab but since she went on hiatus we divided the songs between two of us, I hope you liked the collab Ana.

Have you listened to this album? If yes, then what’s your favorite song from Future Nostalgia? Let us know your views on our collab in the comment section!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I was waiting for someone to do this for a long time now and finally…it’s here! Loved the review!
    My favourite songs are New Rules, Levitating, Hallucinate, Break My Heart, Don’t Start Now and Boys will be Boys and Not My Problem and That Kind Of Woman and ohhh…I just can’t stop!

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