5 Things I Hate About Blogging

Of course, I love blogging a lot. It has become one of the things I really can’t live without. I can make a long list praising what I like about blogging but just like a coin, blogging also has its two sides- a good one and a bad one. Today I’m gonna talk about the dark side of blogging, things I hate about it. But this post doesn’t mean any hate towards blogging, I’ll also be sharing things I like about blogging on my blog but today we are leaving that story for some other day.

Blogging increases my screen time

Writing posts in a notebook is really not my cup of tea (no offense), I just hate to spoil papers and it’s obvious we make many errors and also undo many things while writing, so I always use my computer to write my posts. Writing regularly is an unwritten rule of blogging I think, so it definitely increases my screen time. And other than writing there are many things we need to do as bloggers- editing the post, creating featured images, promoting on social media, reading others’ posts, managing… etc. Then phone is necessarily in studying these days, and that gives me a headache. My screen time was already enough but since I’ve started blogging, it has increased a lot, and I hate it but also can’t help.

I get less free time

I had never thought I’d become this busy. I’m again in boards this year and the pressure of 12th grade has reached me. And blogging is not a work of a second. It takes time and time. If you’re a regular blogger like me, then you can understand that blogging is nothing less than a full-time job. My studies and my blog, these two things are the most important for me at this time. I can do nothing else to have fun (yes, studying is entertaining to me) and also to spend my time in this lockdown but when I give my time to these two things, I don’t realize how fast they suck all of my free time.

Promoting on social media

I’m just so bad and lazy at this. I can never post my latest post’s update on Instagram at the time. Taking the example of yesterday’s post, I’m still not done with it. My posts automatically get shared on Twitter so that’s not a big problem but I want to give more time there to grow my following but I just can’t. I’m just too bad to be productive on social media platforms. Then creating Pinterest pins is also a work of art but I’m so lazy for that. I really want to work on these platforms just like I do on WordPress but I don’t know why it’s so hard for me. Sometimes I feel like deleting all my profiles on other platforms but I can’t do that because I like to see what’s going on and also to interact with other people on the web. I just hate that I’m not productive on social media.

People asking me to follow them and Spammers

This one is really very annoying and makes me angry. One should never ask someone to follow their blog. Why? First reason, it drops your value and the second one is that it annoys the person behind your screen really a lot. Even if they’ll follow you after you force them, you won’t get any benefit because they won’t be your ideal reader. You won’t get their engagement on your blog, so it’ll make what you did totally worthless. Then the people who spam others’ comments really irritate me, I’ve been through this a few times and it really feels like someone is stalking you. Don’t get me wrong, I myself like other bloggers’ comments but not to get their attention or make their notification panel a mess, I like someone’s comment when I like that blogger’s thoughts but some people start to like all your comments on different websites just to get attention and I don’t like it. I’m not being rude, I just want to make people understand this thing if they do the same.


Okay, so every blogger fears this thing. It doesn’t matter how our content is, it takes hard work and we don’t want anyone else to use it, right? I’ve experienced it once when a blogger stole one of my most popular posts and he just copy-pasted the whole post on his blog. I got to know about it when I was finding new blogs to read so I searched for the tag ‘Blogging Tips’ and found my own post on someone else’s blog. My blood was boiling when he was getting praised by other bloggers for my work. I told him to delete that post and to apologize to his readers and also to me. A funny thing happened that he wasn’t ready to delete that post and said a white lie that it was his post but when I warned him that I’ve taken screenshots and will post about it on my blog, and then my readers will report this post… he finally apologized and deleted that post.

I mean being inspired by someone is different and stealing the whole post is different, it’s actually illegal. I’m not pointing to the incident which happened a few days ago in blogosphere, it was a mistake because of not knowing the rules and that matter has been solved now. I’m talking about the people who spread plagiarism and don’t respect bloggers’ work. I hate it about blogging.

So that’s all for today. Except for these things, I love blogging just so much. I’ll very soon be sharing things I love about blogging and I hope you’ll like that post.

What is something you don’t like about blogging? Let me know your views on this post in the comment section.

Thanks for reading!


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55 thoughts on “5 Things I Hate About Blogging

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  1. First of all, I have a solution for you Poorvi. You should give your time to 12th board, as it has a lot to do with your life. If you use this year wisely, it’ll teach you some life long lessons.

    What about your blog? You should shift with a weekly schedule.
    1. You can write posts about your studies. That’s a best way to balance it. Choose what to share and how to share.
    2. You can repost your previous post, which I’m sure many of your new followers haven’t checked.
    3. Ideas- Sometimes an idea pop-ups in our mind. So, write your idea as a post. And complete necessary editing when you are going to publish it.

    Prepare a study schedule or just read for few weeks and then create a timetable.

    Other points:

    * Screen time: Reduce your screen time. Stop distractions. Delete useless apps.

    *Free time: If you ask me, I would like to choose 1 hour each in the morning and evening for myself because it plays an important role in my daily life and decisions.

    Study time: Always go with experiments and be wise. Use what works for you.

    I agree with the points you have mentioned above. I hope I can manage them.

    I want to read your coming posts on your studies and how you’re managing your time. Good luck.👍

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  2. I have to agree with this. I barely get time to call my friends because I like saving screen time for blogging and working on my magazine. I’ve learned to organise myself, though.

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  3. I agree with the taking up time in your day. I haven’t been truly active on my blog lately because I recently picked up a second job but I’m getting back into regular posing but finding the time is crazy. You just got to wrap your mind around it or write posts when you actually have free time and schedule it for another day. This was a good helpful post. I didn’t know people actually steal posts that crazy, good heads up 🙏🏿

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I relate, especially with the first two points. Blogging definitely increases on screen time and free time but I tend to enjoy the process and find it productive since I learn when reading, thinking and writing. I do not promote on social media although I tried in the begining but found it to be a bit stressful with its own set of rules that for me felt draining. Nice post

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  5. All valid points! I can’t stand when someone only comes to your posts to disagree with you or leave vague comments. I love that, for the most part, blogging and bloggers are so genuine except for a select few

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Yes! I agree with you 100%, Poorwa! I hate it when other bloggers try to copy another blogger’s content! It’s really annoying since they take credit for work that’s not even their’s!
    And thanks for this post, Poorwa. It really helps us, bloggers reflect on our blogging life. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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