What My Blog Is About | A Belated Introduction Post

A couple of days ago I received an email from one of my non-blogger readers, which really made my day. It feels so good when you inspire someone to do something nice and also in that email, I was asked how to write an introduction post. Actually, I didn’t write any introduction post when I started this blog, the reason was simply that I didn’t know anything about blogging and had no idea that it would turn out like this. I had never imagined that I would make friends online, write regularly, and have a community on an online platform. I have many new readers on my blog too, who don’t have much idea about what I write about or about my personality, so I decide to write an Introduction post (this one), and who really cares that I have already posted hundreds of posts on this blog. I hope this introduction post will help you to know me and my blog better.

What Poorwa’s blog is about…

So basically, Poorwa’s blog is a lifestyle blog in which I cover different and various topics which are related to my life like daily life, music, studies, school, friends, blogging, and many more. When I first started my blog I used to write about nature, about world habitats, etc. but when I got to know about more blogs out there, when I started to read more blogs and continued writing, I found out that it’s not my cup of tea. I mean I love nature, that’s why I chose it first but I wanted to write something different than that. I wanted to talk about me, my opinions… my perspective, so I changed it into a lifestyle blog.

My favorite topic to write on is absolutely music since I’m a huge-huge-huge music lover. Music is the thing I can talk about nonstop without getting bored; I love singers (also some rappers) just so much. If you want me to write a guest post on your blog on something related to music, I’m always here. I do album reviews on my blog, talk about the music chapter of my life, my favorite artists, my favorite genres of music (Western Pop & K-pop), and many many things. I’m also working on a Music Love page for my blog which will be released within a week as my plan.

Other than music I also write about blogging. Just like blogging tips for newbie bloggers, what I like about blogging, what I don’t, about WordPress features… things like this. I’m not a professional blogger, it’s been just a year of me blogging but I try to help as much as I can. Each day I’m learning something through blogging and also getting better.

Then I’m a student, who is very serious about studying. I mean not really, but I try to do my best and like studying. I write about my school life, students… about my friends. It’s my last year of school, I’m in 12th grade so you can expect many school posts and posts related to studies in the future. My online classes of 12th grade haven’t started yet, I don’t know when I’ll be able to go to school, so I’m trying to enjoy the summer holidays.

Photography is one of my most favorite hobbies. My dad bought me a camera when I was a kid after he saw my love for capturing moments… memories and since then I was in search of a platform to share what I see. And finally, the blogosphere gave me the chance to do it. I share many pictures of nature on my blog, these days I’m trying to shoot short videos just like I did for the Birds Singing post which has surpassed 1K views on YouTube, and for me who had never imagined it would do that, I’m very happy. I’m also hosting a photography contest on my blog and I invite you all to take a look at it, the last date to submit your entries is 15th May and for more details click here.

I also love to do awards and tags! It feels great to answer your questions about me and also to connect with other bloggers.

So I think now you know quite a lot about my blog, wait let me add a little bit more. These were the topics I like to write about the most, and then from time to time, I share my Life Update on the blog, just to let my readers know what’s going on behind the screens and how I’m feeling. I do monthly reviews at the end of every month, I take part in contests hosted by my blogger friends, I also try to write poems and short stories….. and you can expect many more things from me in the future.

So stay tuned, subscribe to my blog if you haven’t already, I’d love to have you in my blogging family. Thanks so much for reading!

What your blog is about? Give an introduction of yourself and your blog in the comments and also support each other and check out their blogs!


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      1. Dynamite is not at all their best song. That’s famous because it’s in English. There are many more beautiful songs!

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      2. 😂😂 okay okay. Listen to these… (please watch with lyrics, you’ll enjoy to the fullest)
        Spring Day, Blue & Grey, Fake Love, Just One Day, Mic Drop, Home, Black Swan… well I can call out all of their songs but I think these will be enough for now, and yes don’t forget to listen to Jimin’s solo songs- Filter, Lie, Serendipity and Promise. His solo songs are all masterpieces.

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  1. BEST. INTRO. POST. EVER. POORWA. My intro post really sucked XD. My blog is about, well you know, fangirling and randomness! Seriously though, I loved reading this post!!

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