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My Blogging Journey: Why I Started Poorwa’s blog

I still can’t get over my excitement and happiness of surpassing 500 followers on my blog. It’s been a year I’m blogging and I’ve made so many memories here. So I thought why not share about my blogging journey in today’s post. I’m gonna talk about why I started blogging, my thoughts on the blogosphere, and many more. Through this post, you’ll get to know a lot more about me and we’ll be able to connect more. So let’s begin…

I first got to know about blogging when I was in 10th grade (I’m in 12th now). I’m a student of I.T. branch in my school and the Blogging chapter was a part of our course that year. Honestly, it was nothing great or exciting, just a short chapter of 3-4 pages and we only had to memorize two questions’ answers from that chapter- ‘What is Blogging’ and ‘Name a few websites that help to create a blog’. Nothing more than that… but yes, I got to know that there is something like in this world.

The Blogging I know about now from my experience is much more than the definition I memorized back then. We just thought- a blog is something like an online journal where people write whatever. I showed no interest in it because Writing was not really my thing. I don’t know you’ll believe me or not but I had never tried writing something by myself or writing my thoughts even once in my life. So how could I think of starting a blog where my job will be as a writer? Yes, I had tried maintaining a diary two times, first when I was in 8th and one more time when I got into high school. But it didn’t last any longer than a week, I would just write whatever I did that day and that was just my daily school routine, so it seemed boring to me and I quitted.

Then it was December, something happened that made all the students very sad. Our I.T. teacher got transferred to a different state. She was my favorite teacher and also a lovely personality, who played a big role to grow self-confidence inside me. We were already very sad after knowing about her transfer then we realized a bigger problem. Our Principle told us that you’ll get a new teacher, but getting a new teacher when you are so close to exams, you can understand (we got a fantastic new teacher though).

I don’t know the exact reason why I created a blog on on my birthday (December 24), but I guess my teacher who got transferred, inspired me to do it. I learned so many things from her and I may share her lessons someday on my blog. I just created my blog but did nothing. I guess I forgot about it because of the pressure of 10th board exams. My exams were in March 2020 so I had to focus and study hard. A few days before my last subject’s exam… lockdown came in between and it all seemed like stopped.

I get bored easily when I’m doing nothing. I just need to do or have something all the time. And lockdown was just so frustrating to me (it was for all of us), and I didn’t have anything to do. So on March 25, when I was cleaning and arranging all my study stuff I found my notebook and reminded myself that I had created a blog. On the same day, I logged into my WP account and published my first-ever blog post. Honestly, I didn’t know a single thing about blogging and had no idea what I’m gonna do here. I didn’t even know that I could make friends here. So my first post was something like a general knowledge post… I wrote about Nature- The Living World, yes it was the huge nature lover inside me.

Now when I find a new blog I love to read their Introduction post, but what a silly girl I was… that’s why I wrote a belated Introduction post this month. After a few hours when I published my first post, I got 2 likes and also one follower. I was just so happy and never imagined that people would really find my blog. I started to post continuously, two times a day; I shared all the knowledge I had about Nature. In a few weeks, I made my first two friends in the blogosphere- Nilla and Lori (They have awesome travel blogs).  

After one and a half months, I realized a nature blog is really not my thing. Yes, I liked writing about it but I wanted to write my thoughts since I started to follow other bloggers and read their posts. I changed my blog into a Lifestyle one and started to write about… actually- anything. I would write whatever I like (I still do but not like that). I was having fun with blogging and I used to check my stats and notification panel all the time.

In July, my online classes of 11th grade started and I stopped blogging for a while. I came back into the game after adjusting my schedule and dealing with all the ‘choose your main subject’ stuff.

I started to feel more comfortable here when I did my first collab with Pavithra. After that post, I felt comfortable talking to my readers, communicating with each other like friends. It was a great experience.

I love Blogging so much!

So that was all. That’s how I started blogging. Now it’s your turn…

Why did you start blogging? Let me know your thoughts on this post in the comment section.

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61 thoughts on “My Blogging Journey: Why I Started Poorwa’s blog

Add yours

  1. You have a mesmerizing memories from your blog and wow! You had blogging as a chapter!! I wish I had too! We all have a teacher who inspires us, I had an english teacher who made me realise I can write stuff really nice. It was a really nice post!
    If you don’t mind me asking, what stream do you have?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. English maybe…
        I have been asked this question a lot of times by my family, “Saumya, you are going to be in 11th soon, what stream will you take?” But I don’t have the slightest idea about that.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s a wise decision. You never give up.

    Why did you start blogging?
    – To express me. I have fond of writing. I used to write my secret diary in school. I used to write my thoughts about people around me.

    With growing age, my thoughts grew. Now I want to talk about my college life and society also.

    I love reading and telling stories. That’s how, I’m connected with individuals, society and the world. Thank you.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Ah! Nice to know what happened BTS(behind the scenes 😝) especially making your first friends here 💕 reading the first comments by someone who’s not the parents. Anyways, loved the post!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Congratulations on 500 followers may your blog grow for many years to come you deserve it!! I started blogging in December 2020 because I wanted to try something new!! On Instagram on my personal account I saw lots of bloggers and I checked my following list and I found a plethora of bloggers in there. Latifa Al Shamsi (a dubai blogger) really inspired me to create this blog because she blogs on Instagram and I always wanted to be like her.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Amazing journey!!!! 😀😉 Oh u are in 12th? It’s a big class. Congrats!! 😁😁😀 I am still in 8th 😂😂 And I have exams pressure from now only… How many marks did u score in 10th? and yeah blogging is the best way to express ur feelings and thoughts. Your teacher might be awesome. World lacks such type of teachers. Nowadays teachers throw all the work on students expecting to do the work themselves even the stuff we havent learnt 😂😅😡

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Hey poorwa I’m am so happy to see your journey as a blogger …I have also recently started blogging because I have so much of thoughts so why not share it with people out there also I love writing that’s all now I’m here and happily doing my part.

    Liked by 2 people

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