How My Views On Rap Have Changed After Getting Into K-pop

Yes, I used to hate rap once. I would get irritated whenever a rapper releases a new song. I exactly don’t know why I was like this but I really used to hate rap. The only rap I liked was the one in Justin Bieber’s song Baby by Ludacris. Of course, I was a fool. But there were some reasons too…

I had only listened to rappers whom songs were full of cursing, people smoking, talking about women? Maybe that’s why I wasn’t a fan of neither rap nor rappers. In today’s post, I’m going to share how my views changed on rap after I got into K-pop while talking about 3 of my top favorite rappers ever.


The thing that made me fall in love with BTS and their music was their lyrics. I had never heard such relatable and beautiful lyrics full of emotions. Of course, I love all the three rappers of the group including RM and J-hope, SUGA aka Min Yoongi inspires me the most. He once said, “Our lyrics reflect our feelings the best because we write them ourselves.” If you don’t know then, Spring Day is my favorite song ever and everything about this song is just perfect. When I got to know that SUGA is the person behind the lyrics, I felt ultimate respect for this man. He has struggled so much, he had to choose between transportation or buying something to eat, and look at the place he is now.

This song makes me go crazy!

After I became a fan of BTS, I started to like rap. At that time, I only liked the rap of these three rappers of the group, their raps were like they’re telling a story and I loved it so much. Then I watched a cover of Love The Way You Lie by JFla on YouTube. Eminem’s rap was so amazing! I didn’t like Eminem back then because I watched one of his MVs on TV and half of the song was on mute as there were plenty of cursing words. I started to like his rap after I listened to Love The Way You Lie and some of his other songs like Not Afraid, The Monster, and Venom. And honestly, his rapping speed… it’s no joke.


NCT’s main rapper who is extremely talented. I started to listen to NCT because of Mark. I had already become a fan of him since I watched SuperM’s MV of Jopping and his part was really the highlight of the song and also of the MV. I got more impressed when I got to know that he’s from Canada. Can you believe it… he came to South Korea after passing the audition in Canada when he was so young, then he learned Korean and got trained to become a rapper. Korean and English sentence structures, language behaviors, etc. are completely different from each other and it really impressed me that how he can beautifully speak the language and can do fast raps easily.


My favorite indeed and probably the reason why I’m writing this post. I strongly disliked him once because I believed in all false rumors about him. This man has gone through so much since his debut in 2016 and got the justice he deserves in June 2020. He’s the lead rapper both of NCT and SuperM, main dancer, sub-vocalist, center, and visual of NCT. When I got to know about the true personality of him I felt so guilty because of believing in the rumors. On his SoundCloud account, he has released 8 songs on his own in just three months… unbelievable! His songs Blue and Swimming Pool are just heartbreaking, in which he raps and sings about his mental health and how he felt during those hard times. The lyrics “Dive in the blue” means vanishing without leaving a trace and that hits hard when you’re going through mental health problems and want everything to end.

One more TY song since it’s his birthday today!

When it comes to rappers, I also like Divine, Sungchan, and Lucas of NCT. In fact, I’m a fan of all rappers of NCT, they all are professionals in their work and I respect it a lot. And Divine because he’s the only Indian rapper I know who writes fantastic lyrics and also excellent at rapping.

Just like singing, rapping is also a talent and it’s not easy at all. Hats off to all the good rappers out there.

I’m thankful to K-pop for making me love rap and understanding the talent of rappers. My favorite thing about the rappers of K-pop is that they don’t curse like other rappers. Now that my views on rap has changed, I like to listen to raps whether it’s K-pop or Western Pop, just the song needs to be good and also the lyrics. Just like DaBaby’s rap part in Levitating by Dua Lipa, Chance The Rapper’ part in Holy by Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande’s rap part in 7 Rings, Sean Paul’s rap in Hair by Little Mix, Kid Cudi’s rap part in A Sweeter Place by Selena Gomez, and many more.

No song is bad, it’s just that we have different tastes.

What are your views on rap and rappers?

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33 thoughts on “How My Views On Rap Have Changed After Getting Into K-pop

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  1. I love seeing changes in one’s musical perspectives! You won’t believe me, but I was once a Taylor Swift hater, I hated her for being ‘popular, cringy and a total poster girl’ but when I found out the truth behind her, I was so shocked. And now look at me, one her biggest fans ever! Thanks for sharing this Poorwa!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh really!? I’m glad that you don’t think the same now😄 #lovetaylorforever. I also hated Taeyong because I believed that he was a bully and also a scammer, I felt so guilty when I got to know the truth. He’s my favorite now😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wowww..! Interesting post dear poorwa..! Recently I too became crazy on BTS..! Yes suga..! My god..! The lyrics was really awesome..! All the words which in lyrics will touch me deeply..! Very emotional songs..! Really I loved it..! Taeyong wowww..! He looks so cute..! Woww..! Rappers are excellent..! Really their raps are awesome..! I really enjoyed this piece my friend..!☺️☺️🤗

    Liked by 2 people

  3. The first rapper i heard was eminem and his lyrics were good. and yeah his speeed is no joke. But the songs weren’t catchy at all. Other than him I hated all other rappers bcz of bad words. The yep, jut like you, my views changed too- i saw gully boy, heard divine, broadha v and they inspired me a lot. After listenng to mic drop I was blown. After listening to Agust D- maaaannn! I really love rap music now if its cathchy like some songs have the same flow throughout and seems boring to listen even though lyrics are good. daechwita makes me go crazy too and the no. of times he keeps changing the flow[not sure if thats the term. hope u understand] is insane.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks Soumya!!! Wow, our thoughts really match a lot. And Mic Drop lyrics are just so perfect, I love it when artists show mirror to the haters through their songs 😂
      I agree, Daechwita is absolutely insane.


  4. To be honest, even till now I can’t listen to western rap songs. I just can’t… I always thought rap wasn’t my thing till I found myself jumping around while listening to UGH, Ddaeng, Persona then I realised the problem wasn’t that I don’t like rap, it was the rap music I used to hear. When people ask me now I still say, “I’m not really a rap person”. The only rap I can listen to is by Suga, Hobi and RM but I’ll look into the other two you mentioned✨. Well done

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I know, that’s why I too didn’t like rap. But K-pop is different, and their rap is too.
      Yes, their raps are fantastic #BangtanForever!
      You should definitely listen to them, they are awesome as well!
      Thanks Ib!

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  5. I agree, kpop changed my view on rap songs too 🙌🏻
    Western rappers need to understand that rap songs are more than using curse words and talking about violence, anger or sex. I don’t want to mention but I still have some English rap artists who are super famous and secures their position on all the charts including billboards.
    You knew how much I love mark’s rapping and bts rappers 💜💕
    I also love I.M from monstaX!!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. The only rapper I like the most is Divine because he writes what he has gone through. His songs feel relatable. I like him because he doesn’t write double-meaning songs and doesn’t use cuss words in his songs.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Eminem was the first rapper I listened to and yes, his speed is amazing! I didn’t listen to a lot of rap because of all the expletives but I loved “Love the Way you lie”. I’ve never listened to BTS though 🤭

    Liked by 2 people

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