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First Day at College | My Experience

How does it feel when you walk into the class 15 minutes late, even on your first day? Well, who would know better than me!?

Hey everyone! On Monday (29th August), it was my first day of college and as of now when I’m writing this post, I’ve spent three days being a college student. So first of all, congratulations to me and as I promised y’all, today I’ll be sharing my college D-1 experience on this blog. So without any further ado, let’s get started…

My First Day At College

I woke up at 6:30 AM and spent like 10 minutes in bed thinking why only I have to sacrifice my sleep when my siblings must be peacefully wandering in their dreamland. During my summer vacations I’ve caught this bad habit of waking up late and seriously I’m pretty worried about it now. I did my morning routine and started getting ready for college.

Mom did my hair and asked me to have breakfast. You might know this already but eating early in the morning is a big challenge for me. But I didn’t want to get scolded by mom on my big day so I silently finished my breakfast and packed my bag (I only carried one notebook, my blog diary, and two pens).

My brother will be dropping me to college in the starting then I’ll be going on my own by bus. It’s a 30-35 minutes long distance from my home to college and my brother dropped me at college around 9:10 AM. I was a little nervous because I don’t really enjoy having new people around but confident that I’ll find my way to the classroom easily.

I was wrong. The first class starts at 9:20 and I entered the classroom 15 minutes late. I thought it was the first day for everyone but I was wrong again. Other students had started college three days earlier than me and I was quite shocked. Still, I had a warm welcome and it felt good. Except for one thing that I had to sit alone on the third row because the front rows were already filled. But thankfully, after 2 minutes another D-1 student came and she gave me company. And guess what? We both are Vishwakarma!

The class was pretty fun and the professor was really nice too. After the class ended everyone left the room and again I didn’t know where to go. Since the class was already going on when I arrived I couldn’t remember my peers’ faces well and according to our timetable there was no other class today so I took a walk around the campus with my new friend and later we decided to go home.

So that was my first day at college. I felt a bit bad that I couldn’t even say hi to my peers but it wasn’t my fault guys, I somehow lost them in the hallway. But I was glad to make a new friend on my first day.

On my way home I visited the library with my brother and we stopped at my aunt’s place for a while. We had lunch and then came back home.

So overall it wasn’t something too special (as I expected) but a fine day. I enjoyed it!


I arrived early today with a lot of excitement inside me. The girl I met yesterday was absent but I had a good conversation with some other girls. I made two really good friends and after the class, we went around discovering the college and also clicked some pictures together. I could recognize my classmates now and we were all comfortable with each other. Still, it was so funny when we would use honorifics while talking like aap, ho, and stuff. We all adjusted well in this new friend circle.

We had a lab class then and it was even more fun. The professors really did their best to make us comfortable with the new environment so that we don’t feel nervous or stressed.

After coming home, I called my bestie and we both talked for about an hour. I really miss her so much. It’s her birthday in two weeks and it’ll be a pity that I won’t be able to wish her in person. But I hope she gets lots of love and well wishes from her new friends.

So that was all about my D-1 & D-2 college experience. The thing I’m most happy about is that the professors are really nice, so I’m not really that nervous about studying stuff. Another great thing that I’m thankful for is that in my new friend circle we all feel comfortable now and that means we have started teasing each other, taking pictures, and having fun conversations.

I’ll be writing more about my daily college life on this blog so stay tuned and see you next time. Thanks for reading!

How was your first-day college experience? Or if you’re in school, are you excited about starting your college life?

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26 thoughts on “First Day at College | My Experience

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  1. So glad you made new friends and are beginning to like college, Poorwa! What are you majoring in?
    I’m still waiting on a couple of test results but should hopefully begin college by September!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I was also late on my first day in uni as well! And late on my first day of work too! Omg it’s like being late on my first days is my thing. I’m glad you’ve made a new circle already! I hope you keep having an amazing college experience

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Heyyy I’m back!! Happy to hear your first 2 days experience. Coming late to class and that too 15 mins must have drawn you a lot of attention. Omg I can imagine that. Anyway, I’m glad you didn’t feel alone and met few good friends along the way! Can’t wait to hear more about your college experiences. Believe me, as a post graduate student who is going to complete her degree in July, 2023, writing down all the things that happen in your university will create a lot of memories for you to look back. Even though I haven’t shared them in my blog, I have it written somewhere or the other like notepad and books, and now I look back at them happily, knowing yesss ‘I enjoyed my life”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. sorry for replying so late. Yeah they’re going well and I’m actually enjoying my college time a lot. But our semester exams are almost here and it’s just assignments, seminars and projects everyday…. so quite hectic.


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