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Highlights of 2022

I know “time flies” sounds cliché now and you’re all bored of this term but seriously… “Is it really the last day of 2022?” What a year it was, even calling 2022 A YEAR sounds weird to me now, is it only me or everyone feels like since covid started time has been flying really-really fast. And yes, since I’ve mentioned corona, please take good care of yourselves guys because it’s not gone yet.

Yeah, so where was I? Right, it’s the last day of 2022… wow. How was your year, everyone? Do let me know in the comment section, and guys, I miss the blogosphere a lot. However 2022 was we’ll talk about it but it wasn’t the best year for me as a blogger you know, it started as a very exciting year for Poorwa’s blog but eventually, I had to take some big blogging breaks and the excitement level went down. But since it’s New Year’s Eve, we shall let go of all our regrets of 2022 and be excited to see what 2023 brings for us.

So in today’s post, I’ll be doing a quick review of how 2022 was for me and what were the highlights of the year. So let’s get started:)

Highlights of 2022

Starting College

My daily life, my routine everything has changed so much since I passed 12th boards and started going to college. So many great events have happened since then and I’m completely happy with how it’s going. Although with fun the workload also feels double that of school I think I’ll get used to it in some time.

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New friends

My best memory of 2022 would probably be meeting three strangers at the beginning of my college life journey and becoming best friends with them. And I just love them so much. Not only these three but the whole environment of my batch with my fellow classmates is just so good. Being with them only gives me positive vibes and I love that.

Guitar challenge

Yup, your favorite blogger Poorwa also started learning guitar in 2022 which deserves to be on the highlights. I also posted three cover songs on my Instagram profile and that’s kind of an achievement for me, so yeah I’m proud of myself. But still I’m a bit disappointed because I made no progress in December since the whole month I was stuck in writing assignments, preparing for seminars and internal exams of course, but the good news is that I’m gonna continue my guitar lessons from tomorrow.

Turned 17

Oh well, what’s so special about turning 17? Well, for me just this number ‘17’ is special enough to list as a highlight. There’s just something about odd numbers, whether I’m talking about my favorite bands like BTS having 7 members or NCT having 23 members, I love odd numbers. And also because I turned 17 just a week ago, I’m not over the excitement of it yet.

Progress in Korean learning

Although I totally ruined my one and only New Year resolution of 2022 which was – ‘Continue joining the live Korean classes’, I made quite nice progress in Korean learning even though I couldn’t join the live classes I used to attend. Watching k-dramas, reading webtoons in both Korean and English, and of course, K-pop helped me improve my learning skills.

So that’s all for the highlights of 2022 from my side. 2022 wasn’t really the best year for me but I’m thankful for all the good memories it brought me. To be honest, I couldn’t do many things that I wanted to do in 2022 and one of that was being consistent on my blog but I’ll definitely try harder to achieve those goals in the new year.

Now only a few hours then it will be 2023 everyone. A very happy New Year to all of you. Will come back with a new post very soon!

Happy New Year!

Do not forget to share your best memories of 2022 in the comment section.

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13 thoughts on “Highlights of 2022

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  1. wow, it’s so cool you started learning to play the guitar! it was one of my goals for 2022 as well, but i didn’t practice at all.. 😦 i really liked the cover you linked here though!
    congrats on starting college! happy new year x

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Omg i missed out on so much!!! I’m not active on Instagram anymore either so I just watched your guitar cover and omg it’s so so good!!!! You’re such a fast learner. 😍
    Even i play the guitar but it’s getting so reduced these days. You’re learning from YouTube btw or some teacher?
    And hey kudos to turning 17 😎, you’re a big girl now 😂. Lovely post, glad to see you here.

    Liked by 2 people

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