5 Questions with Ib!

Hey everyone! Here I am doing another fun collab with one of my really good blogging friends. Yes, it's Ib @ It's IB - #CreativityInMyWorld (I like her tagline a lot) here with me! It's been only a month since we got to know each other's blogs and look at us now, talking with Ib... Continue Reading →

Listening to 10 Most Underrated One Direction Songs

Hey everyone! So today's a very special day for all the Directioners out there as it's been 11 years since the band debuted. Amazing, right? I was thinking of what should I post for today and thanks to Evin for the idea of this post (If you don't know then, Evin is a huge Directioner).... Continue Reading →

Things That Really Annoy Me About Online Classes

Online Classes… we all students are very familiar with this term. It’s been over a year, I’ve been attending online classes. Of course, there are many fun and great things about it and it’s not that I hate online studies or anything. There are so many advantages of online studies for students and we students... Continue Reading →

Why You Shouldn’t Force Anyone to Follow Your Blog

We make many mistakes as new bloggers. It’s not that making mistakes is something wrong, we all do that but it’s important to correct those mistakes and take care that we don’t repeat those mistakes. When we’re new into the blogging world, we actually don’t know what we’re doing would be right or not. (Note:... Continue Reading →

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