My last post… as 14😄 300+ followers and 10200+ views celebration🥳 It’s a ‘birthday blog party’🤩🤩 (CLOSED)

Hey friends! (*smiling like crazy*) Guess what? It' my birthday eve.. yeah (wait, why would you guess, the title is already expressing it😅). So this post would be my last post as a 14 years old girl. I'm so excited to open my eyes tomorrow as 15😊 (you can feel my excitement through my words... Continue Reading →

Woohoo… 350+ subscribers: A thank you post🙏

Woohoo🥳🥳... thank you thank you thank you😍! I'm so happy to say that we have surpassed 350+ email subscribers friends. All thanks to you guys. And a bonus surprise... we are close to reach 300 WP followers.. yeah🤩. I never thought of this when I started Poorwa's blog. It's a big honor to me... Continue Reading →

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