A Day In My Life- With Soumya

Hello everybody! I am Soumya Thomas Mathew from@stm. First off, thanks a lot to Poorwa for agreeing to collaborate with me! We both agreed to do a 'Day In My Life' post, chronicling everything that we did on 8th July, Thursday, and then publish it on each others' blogs. So that's why I am here! Visit my... Continue Reading →

A day in my life: A blog post for you

Hey everyone. How ya’ doing? https://media.giphy.com/media/yyVph7ANKftIs/giphy.gif So I'm into anime these days Remember.. I asked you a few days ago that what you would like to read in my blog in ‘A blog post for you’. Thanks for leaving your comments but if you haven’t and you want me to write something on your choice,... Continue Reading →

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