The Sunshine Blogger Award #3|#Peer Pressure (1,2)|Mystery Blogger Award #4 #5

Hey wishes! Guess my happiness from the title! So a big thanks to the bloggers who nominated me for these awards and tags. This post is a little bit long from my other posts but I think it's gonna be more fun too, so let's begin... The Sunshine Blogger Award #3 (#1 and #2) So... Continue Reading →

Reblog: Can You You Still Make It as a Blogger in 2021? — The Art of Blogging

On the 22th of April, 2012, I signed up for a account. The same day I wrote and published my first blog post. I didn’t know how to write an article, what a headline was, or how to properly format a blog post. I didn’t know who my ideal reader was, I wasn’t sure…Can You... Continue Reading →

200+ followers… Thank you so much🙏

Woo..hoo.. I'm so happy to say that Poorwa's blog has received 200+ WordPress followers. Thank you so so so much everyone for your support. It really means a lot🤗🤗🤗. My reaction when I got the notification that 201 blogs are following me.. I mean wow... you guys are just awesome❤️. I can't express how... Continue Reading →

Wow… Poorwa’s blog is having a BOOM!

I’m so happy after I checked out my yesterday stats. The first word came out of my mouth was …OMG😮… I never thought of that big change. Thank you so much everyone. Thank you for your support. My yesterday’s stats.. Yesterday…. 16 blogs started to follow me, my blog got 242 views, 165 likes, 29... Continue Reading →

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