Remembering: A School Day In My Life

2 months ago, I thought everything is finally coming back to normal since my school started and we (my batch) were very happy. I even wrote a post “Going to school after a year” out of excitement but unfortunately, my excitement couldn’t last any longer. Corona cases increased like hell and lockdown again came in... Continue Reading →

My best friend: A short story

Had a lot of friends But never found someone like you Only heard the word 'bestie' But never understood How it feels to have one Others are friends too I've been with 'em for years But still hesitate To share my feelings To share my problems To share my happiness It hasn't been a long... Continue Reading →

When you had a fight with your best friend yesterday and today is her birthday

Hello everyone. Poorwa here. As I told you in the post before 'Happy Birthday Niall' that there are many posts related to birthdays are coming this month. And yeah.. here it is. Today 14th September is birthday of my lovely best friend. But what's the title of this post.. 'When you fought with you best... Continue Reading →

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