Remembering: A School Day In My Life

2 months ago, I thought everything is finally coming back to normal since my school started and we (my batch) were very happy. I even wrote a post “Going to school after a year” out of excitement but unfortunately, my excitement couldn’t last any longer. Corona cases increased like hell and lockdown again came in... Continue Reading →

Online studies: Sometimes YEAH🤗, sometimes UMM😭…

As you know this year I’m in class 11th, my second last year of school. And this pandemic is continuously wasting my leftover school time. But somehow, our studies hasn’t stopped and it is going good online. You know, half of my day goes on looking at the phone or computer screen and attending my... Continue Reading →

How does it feels to choose your main subject

Hello everyone. Poorwa here! So friends, as I've passed my class 10th, our 11th's admission has started. So by following the rules we (me & my classmates) had to choose our main subject from these names: Science (Biology or Math), Arts, Commerce and Agriculture (hey this one is new). What did I choose? Well, in... Continue Reading →

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