Let’s play pictionary: Collab with Akriti

Hey wishes! Guess who's here with me today... it's Akriti! We both decided to do a collab post a few weeks ago and I'm so excited to say that it's finally here now😍! So for this collab we thought of playing 'Pictionary', as for that we both sent each-other our amazing (😅) drawings related to... Continue Reading →

When you’re going to change your school subject

Hey.. I'm a Math student now, so I have changed my main subject and I think I'm happy now. I don't know, I took this decision in just 10 minutes after I knew something. I'll tell you about this in this post but some lines later, okay. So you know that we're studying online and... Continue Reading →

How does it feels to choose your main subject

Hello everyone. Poorwa here! So friends, as I've passed my class 10th, our 11th's admission has started. So by following the rules we (me & my classmates) had to choose our main subject from these names: Science (Biology or Math), Arts, Commerce and Agriculture (hey this one is new). What did I choose? Well, in... Continue Reading →

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