My true destination

My dream destination.. I can’t choose one As I wanna be a traveler There are just so many…   I wanna feel The accent of French I wanna hear The songs of k-pop I wanna see The Hollywood world I wanna touch The snow of mountains I wanna relax In the beach full of sand... Continue Reading →

My best friend: A short story

Had a lot of friends But never found someone like you Only heard the word 'bestie' But never understood How it feels to have one Others are friends too I've been with 'em for years But still hesitate To share my feelings To share my problems To share my happiness It hasn't been a long... Continue Reading →

Reblog: The Importance of Celebrating the Small Things — Olivia Lucie Blake

In life we often forget about the importance of the small things that happen in life, and just focus on the big stuff. Those big pivotal moments in life get all of the glory, but when do we actually stop and focus on the small things that happen? Those moments that we take for granted…The Importance... Continue Reading →

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