A Day In My Life- With Soumya

Hello everybody! I am Soumya Thomas Mathew from@stm. First off, thanks a lot to Poorwa for agreeing to collaborate with me! We both agreed to do a 'Day In My Life' post, chronicling everything that we did on 8th July, Thursday, and then publish it on each others' blogs. So that's why I am here! Visit my... Continue Reading →

The Dark Side Of Being A Teenager – by Small Talks

Hey everyone!!! This is me, Pavithra, owner of the blog - Small Talks. First of all, I want to thank our beloved Poorwa for allowing me to do a guest post on the dark side of being a teenager. This is completely based on my personal opinion and experiences. I often feel teens in this... Continue Reading →

Valley of the Wolves – A Book Review (Guest Post)

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello everyone! Oh, who am I? Some of you might know me (or not), but my name is Mahitha and I'll be guest posting on Poorwa's amazing blog today!!! (You don't have to check out my blog, I just put the link there just in case you wanna.) 😉Sooo, as you can probably guess... Continue Reading →

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