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5 Questions with Ib!

Hey everyone! Here I am doing another fun collab with one of my really good blogging friends. Yes, it's Ib @ It's IB - #CreativityInMyWorld (I like her tagline a lot) here with me! It's been only a month since we got to know each other's blogs and look at us now, talking with Ib... Continue Reading →

Answering Your Questions: 600+ Followers Special!

Hey everyone! First of all, I want to thank you all for making this happen. Thanks a lot! Yes, we have surpassed 600 WP followers on Poorwa's blog (we currently have 606). And also thanks for leaving so many wonderful questions on my post Ask Me Anything #4 for the celebration post. Today I'll be... Continue Reading →

Vogue’s 73 Questions | Poorwa’s blog

I recently saw two of my favorite bloggers Answering 73 Vogue Questions on their blogs (click here and here to read), and also on YouTube I watched Selena Gomez's Vogue interview yesterday. I loved watching her interview again after such a long time and their posts were also fun to read, so I decided to... Continue Reading →

Valley of the Wolves – A Book Review (Guest Post)

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello everyone! Oh, who am I? Some of you might know me (or not), but my name is Mahitha and I'll be guest posting on Poorwa's amazing blog today!!! (You don't have to check out my blog, I just put the link there just in case you wanna.) 😉Sooo, as you can probably guess... Continue Reading →

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