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The Dark Side Of Being A Teenager – by Small Talks

Hey everyone!!! This is me, Pavithra, owner of the blog - Small Talks. First of all, I want to thank our beloved Poorwa for allowing me to do a guest post on the dark side of being a teenager. This is completely based on my personal opinion and experiences. I often feel teens in this... Continue Reading →

Photography Contest – Results!

Hey everyone! I'm really very sorry for the delay, yes I know the results were going to be announced yesterday but something frustrating... I mean very frustrating happened and I couldn't post it (I hope you understand my problem). So finally the long-awaited moment is here. Today I will announce the winners of the Photography... Continue Reading →

Collab Post + ‘Music in our heart’ + Something Special

[Collab Post] Hey everyone. (We have a special guest today🥳) Yes.. Poorwa @Poorwa's blog and Pavithra @Small Talks here🥳. Since we are very good friends here and have the same interests in music, we thought to give it a shot…. It is.. ‘Music in your heart’. We just started working on it a few days... Continue Reading →

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