Let’s Listen To Your Favorite Tunes

Hey everyone! So as I told you a few weeks ago, I'm working on a Music Love page for my blog, I want you to drop your all-time favorite songs and also what you're listening to these days in the comment section below. Listening to new songs and finding more artists to listen to, is... Continue Reading →

Things I did in my one-month hiatus

It’s been 12 days since I’m back into blogging. As you guys know I went on hiatus for a month because I was lacking the inspiration to blog and also to prepare for my final exams. And I got news today, my exams for 11th grade will start on April 1st and end on April... Continue Reading →

Going to school after a year

Hey wishes! How are you guys doing? Oh okay, let me first clear your confusion- I’m still on break but couldn’t help myself to write this post and share a life update with you (my blogging addiction😅!). (I’m writing date and time because without that this post might be a little bit confusing) Feb 14,... Continue Reading →

Melodious collab: With Anushka from “Anushka stories”

Hey wishes! So I'm very excited to share this post with you. It's a collab post with my dear friend Anushka (her pen-name is 'nusshe') from "Anushka stories"😊. She's such an awesome and lovely blogger and you really wouldn't like to miss her blog, so don't forget to check it out😉! So this is a... Continue Reading →

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